BigFooty Official Official BigFooty Phantom Draft - 2020

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Oct 30, 2007
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Draft Order

1. Adelaide - Elijah Hollands
2. North Melbourne - Riley Thilthorpe
3. Western Bulldogs - Jamarra Ugle-Hagan (matched bid)
4. Sydney - Logan McDonald
5. Hawthorn - Denver Grainger-Barras
6. Gold Coast - Will Phillips
7. Sydney - Braeden Campbell (matched bid)
8. Essendon - Archie Perkins
9. Essendon - Nikolas Cox
10. Essendon - Nathan O'Driscoll
11. Port Adelaide - Lachie Jones (matched bid)
12. Adelaide - Finlay Macrae
13. GWS - Tanner Bruhn
14. North Melbourne - Zac Reid
15. Fremantle - Heath Chapman
16. Collingwood - Reef McInnes (matched bid)
17. GWS - Oliver Henry
18. GWS - Jack Carroll
19. Collingwood - Eddie Ford
20. Richmond - Brayden Cook
21. Melbourne - Zavier Maher
22. Melbourne - Blake Coleman (unmatched bid)
23. GWS - Errol Gulden (unmatched bid)
24. St Kilda - Sam Berry

25. Adelaide - Caleb Poulter
26. Adelaide - Tom Powell
27. Hawthorn - Jackson Callow
28. Brisbane - Max Heath
29. Gold Coast - Alex Davies (pre-listed selection)
30. Melbourne - Fraser Rosman
31. Fremantle - Brandon Walker (matched bid)
32. GWS - Tom Highmore
33. North Melbourne - Joel Western (unmatched bid)
34. Carlton - Bailey Laurie
35. Richmond - Jack Ginnivan
36. Carlton - Brodie Lake
37. North Melbourne - Oliver Davis
38. Adelaide - Kaine Baldwin

39. Essendon - Liam McMahon
40. Hawthorn - Luke Edwards
41. Hawthorn - Zane Trew
42. Sydney - Shannon Neale
43. Hawthorn - Connor Downie
44. Western Bulldogs - Isiah Winder
45. Geelong - Kalin Lane
46. Brisbane - Jake Bowey
47. Western Bulldogs - Corey Durdin
48. Fremantle - Liam Kolar
49. Fremantle - Finn Gorringe
50. Brisbane - Conor Stone
51. Port Adelaide - Zac Dumesny
52. Richmond - Josh Treacy

53. West Coast - Luke Pedlar
54. Richmond - Maurice Rioli Jnr (matched bid)
55. St Kilda - Jackson Cardillo
56. Essendon - Cody Brand (matched bid)
57. Collingwood - Tariek Newchurch
58. St Kilda - Max Pescud
59. Collingwood - Ollie Lord
60. Sydney - James Borlase
61. Collingwood - Ryan Angwin
62. North Melbourne - Malachy Carruthers
63. Port Adelaide - Phoenix Spicer
64. Gold Coast - Joel Jeffrey (pre-listed selection)
65. Carlton - Charlie Lazzaro
66. West Coast - Max Holmes
67. Geelong - Cam Fleeton

Preseason Draft

1. Adelaide - Jackson Hately

Rookie Draft

1. Adelaide - Henry Smith
2. North Melbourne - Seamus Mitchell
3. Sydney - Dominic Bedendo
4. Hawthorn - Jackson Ramsay
5. Gold Coast - Rhys Nicholls
6. Essendon - Josh Eyre
7. Fremantle - Hugh Dixon
8. Carlton - Riley Holder
9. GWS - Nick Stevens
10. Melbourne - Callum Park
11. Western Bulldogs - Ewan MacPherson
12. West Coast - Jack Avery
13. Collingwood - Taj Schofield
14. St Kilda - Connor Ballenden
15. Brisbane - Carter Michael
16. Port Adelaide - Matthew Allison
17. Geelong - Patrick Walker
18. Richmond - Campbell Edwardes
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Oct 30, 2007
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West End Redbacks, Cleveland Browns
It's here!

For those keen draft watchers amongst us, they'll see some familiar names back again for 2020.

But we also have some new phantom drafters taking part, all who have been active posters on this board over the past few months.

I've also taken over running this thing, with Snoop Dogg currently being AWOL - Gold Coast was reserved for Snoop and I've kept it vacant until the very last minute in case he turned up, but instead their one and only pick will be a consensus selection between a few of us.

Adelaide - Thunderstruck
Brisbane - briztoon
Carlton - ModernArtillery
Collingwood - Pie 4 Life
Essendon - eDPS
Fremantle - Ysaye
Geelong - Bastyy
Gold Coast -
GWS - PMBangers
Hawthorn - Davo-27
Melbourne - Chris25
North Melbourne - giantroo
Port Adelaide - Macca19
Richmond - Smythe
St Kilda - Knightmare
Sydney - andleanback
West Coast - Monocle
Western Bulldogs - Wizard17

- Time frame is always the big talking point and there won't be a set limit this year, rather a 'reasonable' length of time will be given. The draft is shorter this year, and historically this thing ebbs and flows throughout the day so there's no need to rush. But if it goes on a bit long, a pick will either be made for the drafter or it'll be skipped over until they're back
- Academy and F/S players are able to be bid on. Someone will do the points calculation and adjust the draft order accordingly
- The number of picks is based off the article on the AFL website a few days back, and is the maximum number of picks a team is likely to make. I've also adjusted the order to suit, so the numbers may not always match as expected
- Any further changes in real life will be reflected if appropriate
- Gold Coast have prelisted Alex Davies and Joel Jeffrey, their other linked players are available

I think that's everything? For everyone watching, enjoy and get involved.

Thunderstruck is on the clock
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Pick 1: Adelaide – Elijah Hollands


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Aug 19, 2003
Seaford Meadows, SA
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Pick #1 Adelaide - Elijah Hollands Murray Bushrangers 189cm 85kg

For me this decision was fairly easy - he's #1 on my list, hence no bid on JUH.

An ACL injury cruelly ended his season although nobody else could play footy over there either. Before this he was putting in some impressive performances as an underage player and was destined to be a standout this season to essentially cement himself as that number 1 pick. But I am not letting the knee waiver my confidence in his ability because if it's just the one knee, then he should be fine. If he does two like Baldwin then it may be a worry but for now we will focus on the clear positives.

Hollands is a dynamic and powerful midfielder/forward who can be that player who says 'come with me lads' and stamp his mark on the game. He has great skills and a burst combined with strong overhead marking making him dangerous up forward. Can run rings around opponents with outside dash but is perfectly competent at winning his own footy and has the frame to do this consistently at AFL level. Genuine star potential, he can be the jack of all trades and master of many to boot. Strong appetite for the contest and capable defensively. Only possible weaknesses would be his tank to play at such a high level in the middle all the time rather than rotating mid/fwd and his production, however he is more of a high impact per possession player. His 20 will be better than almost everyone else who gets 30 etc.

As far as the crows go though, he is everything we need and haven't really had in a long time, that tall and powerful type of modern midfielder who can kick goals from the middle or forward. He reminds me of a more complete version of Andrew Embley from the Eagles golden era.
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Pick 2: North Melbourne – Riley Thilthorpe


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Sep 23, 2005
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North Melbourne
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Pick #1 Adelaide - Elijah Hollands Murray Bushrangers 189cm 85kg

Write-up to follow shortly

Pick #2 North Melbourne - Riley Thilthorpe West Adelaide 200cm 100kg

Riley Thilthorpe

West Adelaide

A tough choice between the cult hero of WA, Logan McDonald or the modern day beast, standing at 201cm and 100kg, Thilthorpe was too good to pass up. The big mans’ athleticism and versatility allows him to play as a key forward, ruckman or even play as an extra mid/wingman, similar to the likes of Todd Goldstein, Rowan Marshall and Brodie Grundy. His style fits into the modern game with a decent base of endurance along with his ball-winning ability below his knees that makes him an exciting prospect. As a key forward, he can create separation on the lead or take a contested mark while possessing the ability to kick goals on either side of his body. Riley is very effective in his tackling and his secondary efforts at ruck contests are second to none. While he has been beaten at ruck contents due to bigger opponents, he has ruck smarts in that he can palm the ball to advantage quite well and can clean up the ground ball if need be.


- Contested marking ability
- Versatile - can play multiple positions
- Athleticism - Impressive below his knees/ constant secondary efforts/ ball-winning ability
- Disposal - excellent ball use and decision making on both sides
- Coverage of the ground - good endurance/tank
- Ruck smarts - taps to advantage

- Ruck leap
- Durability
- Speed

Testing details

Yo-Yo test - 20.7
2km Time Trial - 6.34m


Overall, Thilthorpe will fit in well with the likes of Nick Larkey, Charlie Comben, Cameron Zurhaar, Tarryn Thomas and Curtis Taylor in the forward line while also covering for the likes of Todd Goldstein and Tristan Xerri in the ruck. He would be a valuable addition at North Melbourne’s first selection.

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Aug 19, 2003
Seaford Meadows, SA
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Central District
I’m just trying to get into your head!

I love him. Superstar in the making

Haha yea must say wasn't like I took John Meesen with Pick 1 or anything...

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Pick 4: Sydney Swans – Logan McDonald


Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 21, 2016
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Pick #4 Sydney - Logan Mcdonald Perth 196cm 87kg

I really thought I’d be taking Thilthorpe at this pick, but I’m sure swans fans are over the moon landing Mcdonald. As buddy’s illustrious career nears the end, they desperately need someone the fill the key forward post for the future. He will be ready to go round 1 next year and is already quite capable competing against men as he demonstrated in the wafl this year. Hopefully buddy and heeney can get on the park next season as it will create a mouthwatering forward line, while also taking some of the pressure of Logan as he develops.

Davo-27 you’re up


Dec 6, 2005
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My life would be in danger if I didn't match that...
No pressure

Pick 5: Hawthorn – Denver Grainger-Barras


Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 9, 2006
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Box Hill Hawks
Pick 5 - Hawthorn - Denver Grainger-Barras - 194cm 78kg - Swan Dist

i think if 1 of the main talls falls to us we would take it, we need tall talent at Hawthorn and i think Grainger-Barras will hold down a key position in our defence for a long time, i love the way he plays, he defends well, he intercepts well, never say die competitor, also did very well at the combine, i think he would be a good pick up for us.
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Norm Smith Medallist
May 23, 2019
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Western Bulldogs
With Hollands, Thilthorpe, Jamarra, McDonald, and DGB gone, Phillips is the remaining member of the "fantastic five" (plus Jamarra) that Twomey talks about, and would be joining his old teammates if he went to GC. My non-drafter opinion would be him for the next pick.

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