Review Opening Round = GWS 114-82 Collingwood

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Nothing Short then F**king Weak as Piss Collingwood tonight

Only Steele/Nick/Maynard(Work on Greene) be a Postive.

Rest was Shit at Best

Yes it's the 1st Game of the Season so not writing our Season Off but Some Very Worrying Signs Tonight

Worst Game we played vs Dogs in 2022

All Kicking was Poor Tonight. Intensity was no where near it should be for Regular Season

Had no Plan B as we just Kept Bombing the Ball forward.

Hopefully just a Massive Wake Up Call for the Team and we come out Firing vs Swans Friday Night
For all of that it wasn’t too bad. To begin with Round 1 starts next week.

Losing by 32 points and not being at our best could have been worse given we kicked 11.16

Plenty of easy goals missed which, if a few more were accurate, could have been a different game. Also, GWS seemed to kick everything.

Hardly a disaster.
Poor kicking for goal and connect to forwards.

We will get better.

Sucks to be playing an interstate game in round 1 after winning the flag.

Some perspective: it's early March. We won the flag and would normally be playing a NAB Challenge game in Wangaratta this weekend.

We were beaten by a well drilled quality opposition and have plenty of areas to improve on.
Yeah GWS are a quality side. TBH they’re my pick for flag favourites, they’ve got talent across all lines all in their prime. Gotta give them credit
Getting it back to 5 goals is what we needed, as it was looking grim at 52 points down with them having all the running with 12 minutes to go.

We can easily reset and recover from this, if we kick straight tonight it could have easily been 16.11 and only going down by 7 points, instead of 11.16 and a 32 point loss.

They were not far off their best and I don't think we could have played any worse after quarter time so not too fussed with this first up result.

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