Contracted Peter Ladhams [re-signed until the end of 2022]

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Mar 7, 2009
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We do see this a lot in these threads when players are being discussed as potential trades, posters from the incumbent club like the beat their chests and claim player x is worth much more than he actually is, sometimes attempting to engage in talk as if they are actually the ones doing the trading :rolleyes:

Even more hilarious was someone suggesting Port would never let Ladhams go for anything less than something decent, like the club would have any say in that matter for an OoC, 2 gamer who is stuck behind 2 quality rucks and probably still locked in a battle for 3rd banana. If he wants a change, he will get it and the club would be extremely lucky to get anything really. A late 3rd rounder would be the best possible situation and even that would require multiple clubs to be interested.

The Draper thread is likewise ridiculous in this manner. A project, 0 gamer coming off an ACL is really going to attract a high draft pick :think::think::think:


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Mar 4, 2018
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Port Adelaide
I Doubt that Ladhams will go. Currently he is our 3rd ruck (after being our 4th at the start of the year) but with Paddy looking for a longer contract than Port are offering him Ladhams could move into 2nd after Paddy leaves.

Port would see both Ladhams & Hayes as their future ruck duo after Lycett (and Lycett is currently 27yrs) or if Lycett gets a long term injury

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Jun 11, 2007
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Looked alright yday. i remember this kid as a 16yo beanpole playing u18s prior to the 2015 draft.
Has an AFL frame now and didnt seem to have too many issues moving around the ground.

Would happily offer him the chance to start games in 2020 with a view to vying for #1 against Draper (or play both)


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Mar 26, 2014
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Jarrod Witts was traded for two picks in the 40’s, after proving himself at AFL level, in addition to banging down 50+ hitouts and getting 15-20 disposals per week in the VFL, being kept out by Grundy. If Port posters really think they’re going to get a first rounder for Ladhams they’re in for a rude shock.

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Oct 8, 2004
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Ladhams' work was rewarded last season when he broke into the team in round seven to replace injured ruckman Scott Lycett and then held his spot for six weeks, eventually working in tandem with Lycett.

He showed an ability to have an impact in several facets of the game, winning hit-outs, following up at ground level and winning clearances, and working into space to rack up disposals, topping 20 possessions in back-to-back games in rounds 7-8.

Then came the second significant wake-up call in his evolution as a footballer – a breach of the AFL's COVID-19 protocols that landed him a three-week suspension and saw the Power fined $25,000.

"I was disappointed in myself and disappointed to let my teammates down," said Ladhams, who hosted teammate Dan Houston and guests at his house after Port's round 10 win against the Western Bulldogs.


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