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Aug 17, 2011
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You also have to factor in that in the last two games we have played young and inexperienced sides who have run out of puff by the last quarter.
Yes, we would definitely need a more complete team performance to beat the top sides.

I'd propose that Carlton and St Kilda ran out of puff because they played above themselves for 3 quarters to be where they were against us.

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Sep 27, 2008
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Their stars certainly are stars. They don't bat as deep as us though. I'm not saying we'll win, but if i was framing the betting market, we'd be the shortest priced.
I'd probably agree, but only probably. I think this season is too close to have a clear favourite. We'd be there mostly based on last year, the Cats have been better this season as I disagree they haven't shown the gears we have (eg. against Eagles) and have beaten better opposition - including us and the Eagles. They have clearly been the best performed team of 2019.

Looking at it further than just odds, I couldn't tell you who the best team in the comp is as it comes down to matchups. We've had trouble beating the Eagles, even when they haven't reached top gear this year. They have to be considered ahead of us while we have not beaten them. The Cats have clearly improved this year, their forward line is much better than in 2018 and the only reason they wouldn't be flag favourite is last year's form.

The top four have to be Pies, Cats, Giants and Eagles to this point of the season. Head to head so far (from memory):
Pies: 0-2
Cats: 2-1
Eagles: 2-1
Giants: 1-1

Based on this I'd have the top four chances as:
West Coast


Oct 3, 2012
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I think posters rate him on his immense potential

Right now we don't miss him because we have such great depth
Would he make us better now? Debatable
Will he make us better in the future? Absolutely he will
I think we do miss him right now. We are getting smashed at centre breaks and if he produced what he did last year then we would be unstoppable.

Big Bryza

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Sep 11, 2006
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I'm confident that our best is the best, it's just a matter of playing to it when it matters most.

Very mature win missing plenty of guns.

Keep it up lads.


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Aug 20, 2009
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Watching the replay, Brown was in everything. Maybe not getting possessions himself, but we seemed to get the pill anytime he was in there slogging.
Like Sidebottom, his balance is so good that he can track the ball and stay in the contest much longer than others can. I'm very bullish about him.


Mar 28, 2019
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Like Sidebottom, his balance is so good that he can track the ball and stay in the contest much longer than others can. I'm very bullish about him.
I remember when his dad started and everyone was saying how can this bloke get a game, it took Gaven 3 good years to become a great player and it seems like callum is tracking the same way

Finn Jim

Apr 2, 2019
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While I can understand us being acknowledged as one of the better teams in the competition I kind of feel Hudson and Russell have purposely started to sell a narrative of us being the team to beat for the premiership these last two weeks and it's been done in a disingenuous manner.

Why would they do this?

Well the old adage of the bigger they are the harder they fall comes to mind and they can sell that during the season and celebrate any defeat of ours as one for the underdogs. Makes great television for all the Collingwood haters which includes both of them.

The end game is the hope that if they repeat it enough that people will start to believe this is actually the internal view of the club and perpetrate the belief that we as a supporter group are full of hubris.

Hudson in particular is the most biased piece of s**t when it comes to Collingwood and would love nothing more than to build us up with faint praise only to see us fall. You could hear it in his voice last week just how shattered he was that Carlton didn't cause the upset.

Personally and despite being biased towards Collingwood I would have Geelong ahead of us after 9 rounds as they've been the more consistent team within games while until we actually find a way to beat this current West Coast squad we remain behind them also.

Interesting that both have an infinity for the side currently sitting a game clear on top of the ladder and yet it's us who are supposedly the clear standouts.

Pull the other way.

You’re absolutely right. We are good, we have good wins. But we aren’t world-beaters. We got plain beat by the Eagles and Geelong is a darn good football team that pipped us fair and square. I keep wondering why everyone (pundits) seems to forget that when they build up Collingwood as “the consensus favorite to take the flag right now”

I mean sure we’ll be playing Finals football barring catastrophe. But it’s premature at best to say we are already in the GF... I like your theory on the build up just to tear down.

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