Review Pies 112-71 Saints

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Apr 11, 2015
AFL Club
I missed the game, had a nieces birthday party. How was the game? Looked like an arm wrestle for most of the game and they blew them away in the last quarter.

Also, what did Langdon do to himself? Is there any concern of a long term injury. I just heard he missed out on the 2nd half, but dunno what he done.


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Jul 25, 2008
The Linc
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My in game thoughts for what they’re worth:

Choosing questionable options moving forward. Not really at risk of being picked off, but take more care. Going short when the hitup has no separation.

Wills questionable leading patterns. Beams so slow hand to foot.

Phillips looking for trigger hands before assessing the game situation. Perhaps a symptom of overcoaching?

Over handballed. Greater than 1:1 ratio. On purpose or taking what they give us?

Howe turned very easy by Membrey. On the burst they look too quick for us. If they get the best of the midfield will it be trouble?

Aish v Membrey for at least 60 seconds building up to Membrey’s second. Aish’s fault or Howe/ Langdon? In that instance Aish should call a teammate to support.

They’re too quick.


Too quick. Wills and Aish come in with questionable leg speed.

Too good in the air and on the ground.

Intercept game almost completely nullified.

Crucial final 2 mins. No score is big for us a goal to them is huge.

Slow getting to the huddle. Was it because of field position when the quarter ended or are we flat?


Clearance numbers in the last? We seemed to get on top early.

Three talls? Lacked speed today so if we don’t bring speed in how does it work. Especially with Varcoe a probable out.

St Kilda’s inability to put us awaythe difference.

They were broken after the first two in the last and once the damn wall broke they lost their shape in defence.

Reflecting back to pre-match I seriously underestimated their ability to spread our zone. The cream rose to the top in the last once they tired, but the consistent theme for me was they were too quick on both sides of the ball which kept them in it. It also feels like I was hard on a few individuals in certain moments.

Keep ticking the wins over.
Aug 10, 2015
AFL Club
So... can we please put to bed the myth that Elliott and JDG are these amazing avenues to goal that we can’t do without? Our forward line strength is ridiculous, we can cope with a couple of outs.

P.S. How’s the barrel from Stevo from the centre square? Best thing I’ve seen on a footy field for ages!
The more talent the worse for the opposition.

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Vicky Park

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Sep 11, 2012
AFL Club
I know it’s reflected in our percentage, and I know we started to do it regularly last year, but it’s worth emphasising - we have kicked over 100 points in 5 of our 9 games to date; and in 4 of our last 5.

That’s an outstanding effort, but also what we should be doing against some of these lesser sides. More so where the consensus seems to be that the 6-6-6 rule is impacting on high scores.


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Jan 10, 2008
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Outstanding win in the end.I thought we were gone many times today,so to smash them in the final quarter was just sensational.It showed real maturity from a side that would have lost games like this in recent years.


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Sep 18, 2009
Rural paradise
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Can't say this enough - smashing teams all day is great for the fans and the percentage but that flat out effort all day and all season has a cumulative effect on every player - especially with lowered rotations and player lists.

It's a balancing act for coaches to maximize results and also minimize wear and tear on the playing group.

Only need to finish top 4 and we are well on the way, percentage is great but a fully healthy and cohesive playing list going into the finals series trumps it every day of the week.


Team Captain
Jul 5, 2004
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As everyone else has said, a blistering final term. We can't be flirting with our form and lack of intent early in the game against the top echelon teams.

Sidebottom's final quarter was all class, while his old partner in crime Beams probably played his best game this season. Maybe the freshen up did him the world of good. Grundy is immense but the only thing missing is working out a way for our midfield to gel at centre bounces so his taps go to our advantage. If and when that happens, look out.

The forward line started to function late in the piece and all credit to Mihocek and Reid for their contribution. Even WHE, who I wasn't alone in criticising, started to present and look more dynamic later in the game.

Of the lower end guys, Aish looked like he was short of a gallop but will be better for it. Clearly the coaching staff has faith in what he can offer. Brown was quiet after a stellar performance last week but we'll get that from a youngish player who is still adjusting to the rigours of senior footy. Despite what many will say, Wills' output was reasonable in my eyes (15 disposals, 11 CP, 7 tackles and 5 clearances).

Lastly, the big question mark over Varcoe. The fact Ed Phillips continued on may assist, but he ran past the ball and executed a bump that head office has been trying to remove from the game. Whether he had an alternative once he decided to commit that way is the question the MRO will ask

All in all, we take the win, bank the four points and look ahead to another winnable encounter against Sydney

left at home

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Mar 17, 2015
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The belief of the playing group is high, which showed in the last quarters two weeks in a row.
Not yet playing our best, but at this time of the season, that’s not to much to worry about, as long as we are getting the four points

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