Priest Stabbed Live Stream in Sydney

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Jul 29, 2021
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A shocking video has emerged of a Bishop being stabbed in a Sydney church during a live stream just days after the horrific stabbings in Bondi that claimed seven lives, including the stabber.

Reports indicate that at about 7pm on Monday, Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel was horrifically attacked while delivering mass to the Good Shepard Church in Wakeley.

In the horrific video, a man dressed in black nonchalantly walks up to the Bishop and is then frantically stabbed in the face and body while shocked onlookers try to intervene.

Blood-curdling screams from parishioners can be heard before the live stream is dramatically cut.

A NSW Police spokesperson confirmed an incident was in progress in Wakeley but that it was too early to provide more information.


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The audacity to do it live for world to see


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Riot Police are on the scene.
At least 150 Police called out.
The crowd is thinking the perpetrator is still inside the Church and were jumping the fence to the Church and trying to break in.
At least one officer injured.
Police cars damaged.

'Four people stabbed at western Sydney church as riot erupts on the street'

'9:49PM APRIL 15, 2024

'Riot police have arrived at a church in western Sydney where hundreds of people have flocked following the shock stabbing of an Assyrian preacher on Monday night, as capsicum spray is deployed and the street descends into mayhem.'

'Parts of Liverpool Hospital have been placed on lockdown after at least one of the stabbing victims was transported there on Monday night.
Dozens of police arrived at the church around 8.30pm, with some forced to deploy capsicum spray as the street spiralled out of control. At least 150 officers have been called to the scene.

One officer has been injured, and transported to an ambulance with a bandage on his head and blood on his chest.

The crowd chanted “bring him out” as a man emerged from the church holding a large cross. It is unclear whether the offender is still inside the church.

The window of a police car has been smashed in. The group have thrown projectiles, as parked cars block people from moving through the area....'
The Daily Tele is reporting 2000 people surrounding the Church.

'Pandemonium has erupted in Sydney’s west with an angry mob of 2,000 people surrounding a church and attacking police after a popular Christian leader was stabbed during a live streamed service.'

'The Daily Telegraph can confirm the alleged attacker is in police custody inside the church.'

'Despite the already massive angry mob, hundreds more people are continuing to flood the Wakeley and Fairfield area.

“There are still car loads of people arriving at the scene, the police are struggling to even get through,” one person said.

“The roads are chaos, I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.”'

'The Tactical Operations Unit has been deployed and Raptor Force are also en route. It’s understood police from all over Sydney are converging on the church.'

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