Strategy Round 10 trades

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Jun 18, 2020
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Are you willing to trade out rankine?

Best 18 so ur dead wood cant be sorted later if you really want draper.

Side note what is skinners js like?
I'm open to it considering his BE is 70 or whatever and there's not much on offer for that price if I boot out Rivers, so I might be forced to if I want Stewart in.

Good point on Draper and I have no clue sorry, haven't been on the lions board in a while 😂

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Mar 13, 2005
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Trades done, rankine out starcevich out smith out Duncan Stewart and bell in. Only bell may become skinner yet
Not keen on Bell. Sydney seems to be a revolving door for rookies this year. Everyone gets a turn, (unless you're name is Gould), but not for long.


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Jan 26, 2003
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Would people do these trades (I may have to miss out on Draper either way):

- Rankine > Woodcock
- Dev Smith > Duncan
- Doedee > Stewart

Obviously helps points wise, but doesn't get any extra rookies off field.

If yes, would you still do the 3rd trade IF Doedee plays?

Or would it be best to forego 1 of the Cats and get Draper instead of Woodcock?

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May 15, 2017
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After looking hard at my team and my chol...

I've realised I just can't bring Dunkley in when I have 3 Dogs players already.
There will be 10 teams that have byes during Rounds 13-17. Having 3-4 players from a single one of those teams will be costly especially in SC finals.
It also looks like I'm going to pass on Duncan (who I really wanted) and Stewart, cause we don't know which teams will be paired up for byes, and feel I should prioritise getting Freo/Eagles/Hawks/GWS players in over the next few weeks.

I think Zilliams will be my last Defence spot. There's also Witherden at $410k and only in 800 teams. Plays Tiges, Dogs and North over the next 3 weeks without Daniel Rich so should score really well.
Titch (RD 11) and Fyfe (RD 12) will definitely be in my Midfield, the last spot out of Shuey, Gaff, Telly, maybe Jelly or Cogs.
Forwards are a bit trickier. Walters, Brayshaw, Greene, Wingard the only options from the above teams, and they all have risks surrounding them. Greenwood will also be cheap in a few weeks.

For this week tho...
1st trade Simpkin > Dusty is locked in.
2nd trade Sturt > Skinner is locked in.
3rd trade I'm leaning towards Brander > Zilliams/Witherden.



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May 21, 2013
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I need some of my dead rookies to come alive so I can get a bit more cash gen going - Gould, Rivers, Xerri, McHenry pls
Surely Bennell and Rivers are decent chances to play after Melbourne got embarrassed?

Can't see Xerri playing any time soon, unless Goldy or Larkey are rested. But Ben Brown and Wood are out of the side and they're probably ahead of him anyway.

No clue on the others...
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