Autopsy Round 17, 2023: St.Kilda v Melbourne *STEELE 150TH*

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Aug 17, 2015
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St Kilda
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Phi Eagles & Phillies, Liverpool, PAO FC
Great effort tonight, just undermanned.

Some dumb kicking to oppo defenders as usual but we properly cracked in.

Never want to see another 1st half like last week again. Time to bump the standards up and stop giving them excuses.

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Club Legend
Mar 23, 2021
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St Kilda
Jack Steele:

31 disposals
1 goal
12 tackles
6 marks
13 contested possessions

Back to his best, shame we couldn’t get it done in his 150th.

Rowan Marshall:

29 disposals
17 contested possessions
10 marks
3 contested marks
8 clearences
7 inside 50s

Against Gawn and Grundy, he was exceptional all night

Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera:

31 disposals
4 tackles
7 marks
6 inside 50s

He’s consistently racking it up now, genuine top tier player for his age and position.


Thought Billings and Jones had fruitful returns to the top level. Owens as impactful as always. Byrnes had a fair few eye catching moments.

To play that game after loosing 2 key position players and a mid in the first quarter was very impressive. And, we really could’ve won it. Interested to see what the expected scores were, plagued by in-accuracy.

And seriously, we need to learn how to adapt playing style much quicker when we’re bombing it in without working. It’s a major red flag that it’s not hyperbole to say we often give opposition defenders a chance to beat the AFL record for intercept marks. Fix it quick smart.

That being said, tonight had a lot of positives. With that effort, should be competitive for the rest of the H&A season, and big picture; our youth showed a tonne tonight, think we are building very well for the future.
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Saint Shags

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Sep 15, 2006
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St Kilda
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Leeds United
That effort is the non negotiable.
The injuries suck.

But * me could we perhaps actually have a plan of attack so that this s**t doesn't happen????


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