Game Day Round 19 2021 vs Geelong, MCG, 3.20pm

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Jun 6, 2011
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Agree Jack Ross doesn't look close to the strong, confident and good skilled player he was in year 1.

The poor development has played a big part.
No I think he gets overwhelmed when I laying AFL instead of making his game he passes of to senior players in wrong positions who call for it especially Short


The reward is in the grind
Jun 28, 2020
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This post is an embarrassment. Come on.
Exactly. I'm not even thinking of the scoreline. It's irrelevant to how this season has gone. I'm looking at the positives. Parker, Rioli, Stack, Garthwaite all having a crack today. The other BIG positive. A FULL preseason, players able to get their operations and fully healed plus high draft picks. 2022 is looking bright IMO.


Jun 13, 2021
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We’ve played them for 6 quarters this year and it’s pretty glaring the difference in work rate between the teams. We don’t work anywhere near as hard as them, which is pretty crazy since we’ve probably been the benchmark in that area the last 4 years.
I agree mate. We have been totally outclassed.


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Dec 25, 2014
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On the one hand I am glad we took our chances and won three flags in four years. You never stay up the top for long, so to win 3 premierships was a great effort. But it pi*ses me off that we have gone from back to back premiers to pure and utter sh*t in just six months. This is by far the biggest fall from grace in afl history

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Oct 25, 2006
from the hinterlands of sri lanka and tibet
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B.S.C youngboys.. Borussia Dortmund
time to fully re focus for 2022
fu** the last 4 games they are totally irrelavant
blood some more kids, give an extra 4 weeks off to our senior players
and draft some really good kids
put some money back into skills and development and the rehab department
get another 2 assistant coaches,,, and hit 2022 up and running
team for next 4 weeks
b--- mansell----miller----biggy
hb---stack ---gwaite ----rioli
c-- short ---graham---pickett
hf---rioli---chol ---dow
ff- baker---CCJ---caddy
r-- Nank---RCD__Ross
interfrom--- bolton--Naish--Martyn--Cumberland--parker


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Oct 10, 2007
Eastern 'Burbs
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Actually am not overly unhappy with our performance. I just be the only one.

A five minute period opened the floodgates is disappointing however. Some good intent at pressure but very poor execution. Our structure around the contest also been poor. Not blaming Cotch, but Bolton (trying to be too offensively impactful) and Parker (showing a lot of good intent but no nous) worst offenders. Too much leakage out the front of the contest.

Inexperienced back line hurting - how many of those snap goals from stoppages that bounced through the goals have we allowed in the last four years? Stack, Rioli and Mansell all getting sucked up to the contest.

Trying too hard to move the ball quickly I think has seen some real poor decisions and some fumbles. Again think this is great intent poor execution. Has led towards really bad forward half connection - which we have had all year.

Also Geelong have made the most of its opportunities. Stanley, Hawkins x 2, Ratagolea all kicking set shots in 50-50 areas.

Don’t get me wrong, credit to Geelong and they’re clearly the better and more polished side, but I must admit, I’m usually more unhappy at a 50 point half time deficit than what I am currently.


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May 7, 2009
melbourne, australia
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We don’t have anyone ready to play the role

Rioli Jr has probobly played 1 good qtr in the vfl all year, and the only other option would be Cumberland who is coming off an acl and only played one decent game
There's no point playing aarts though.
Hes not good enough.
Depth player who can come in and play a role.
Much better with ralphsmith
Yeah, he needs assistant support, not a world class rugby coach lol
So why does he fly around to look international sporting teams for advice... lol


Sep 7, 2003
Richmond Paddock
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I would give your champions the rest of the season off, give them a 7 month refresh and bring them back for another crack next year. They have another 2-3 years imo just need to be reinvigorated. Would be stupid to retire them early and do a Hawthorn
I think we will rebound strong next year,this year has been a bit like 2016.

Maybe some fresh faces in the assistant coaching department but I really feel our injuries have haunted us,lost plenty of coaches to the Swans,Hawks and Bombers which hasn’t helped but any team would struggle with the injuries we’ve had.

Covid can eff off too.

It’s enormously hard to win a premiership in covid times but unbelievably hard in two covid years.

We have to be thankful for our 3 flags ,incredible effort by our club and next year is a new day,a brighter day.

Please covid go away.


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Jul 1, 2014
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Rioli has been ok. Could revive his career at HB next year. Might turn out as good as Markov if we’re lucky.
Parker trying hard but we need more than trying hard to fill our holes.
Cats too classy all over the park.
Sad to see cotch going around at the moment. Remember when Shorty played with dash and opened up the angles with his kicking…

We’ll be competitive again next year.


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Sep 17, 2006
Southern Stand Punt Road End
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Having a crack: Rioli Ross Parker (1st quarter) Mansell Riewoldt Grimes Stack

No impact: Cotchin Lynch Edwards Chol Aarts Lambert Pickett Castagna Graham

The above tells a story unfortunately. Too many of our better players not having an impact, while our lesser lights are left to try and stop a rampaging Geelong side.

Said it a few weeks ago but a game like this would have been a great learning experience for the likes of RCD Dow & Martyn through the middle even though we're getting flogged they go up against a genuine premiership midfield unit.

Posted earlier in the thread that Prestia and Broad look like coming back next week, but lets just let our blokes who are injured recover for a big preseason and give the kids some more experience.


Jul 16, 2015
Earth somewhere
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Coney Island Warriors
There's no point playing aarts though.
Hes not good enough.
Depth player who can come in and play a role.
Much better with ralphsmith

So why does he fly around to look international sporting teams for advice... lol
Improvement? learning?

I will never know why people look down on coaches for genuinely wanting to improve themselves.. It should be praised.
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