Toast Round 20 = Collingwood 90-45 West Coast

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Moore of the Same

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Mar 31, 2018
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Gee that was impressive wasn't it. I won't buy into the "West Coast" were sh*t narrative. We kicked the crap out of them. Would've been 80+ if we weren't running around with a bunch of fatiguing kids.

Ruscoe, Fin, Ollie, Bianco (minus the field kicking) all super impressive. Great effort in the first half from the big Grundog and Sidebottom in particular. Adams a proper warrior. Crisp, Maynard, Howe, Roughead solid as a rock.

I mentioned it in the gameday thread, DeGoey is a different footballer to me. Working so hard, getting to every contest, involved in every possession chain. I thought he had it in him, but the difference between his first and second halves of the season is night and day. You couldn't let him leave based on the last 6 weeks.

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Oct 3, 2011
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I was wrong.

Ollie and Fin are gonna be alright, more than alright

Bianco is tired, but will be a star.

Ruscoe could end up being one of our most important down back in the years to come.

Poulter and McCreery willslot straight in next year.

trading that first round pick to get all of these kids - looking better and better as the year goes on.

Im sorry, I was wrong

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