Toast Round 3 = Brisbane Lions 72-92 Collingwood

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That’s where you start to consider some of the kids or mature angers and repositioning of De Goey. Does JDG have more forward minutes for a Lachie Sullivan debut?

Don’t know what’s up with Pendles. He’s hot and cold these days.

Nick is back and he looked much better off HB.
You have to accept that Pendlebury is at the end of his career. Anyone expecting him to be the player he was at 25 is unreasonable. He has enough left to be a good player with flashes of the old brilliance. Please don't demand more of him.
Sullivan is not another De Goey. Ideally, a way will be found to have both of them in the midfield. He is more a replacement Mitchell, but Mitchell is not quite ready for replacement.
Nick Daicos is still below his best, but that bar is so high. Other players doing what he is doing would be lauded to the skies. This is while the ball is not quite sitting for him, and oppositions are on his case all the time.

Age remains a problem for our team. A steep decline awaits us even if we resurrect this season. There is a power of work in front of the team list managers. And it is only one win.
there was a passage play early in the first where Nick kicked out to a dangerous position, and a chain of hand passes ended up with Cox probably taking the wrong option to De Goey who just handballed into the forward 50. At the time I was angry we had stuffed it up, but on second viewing, its an example of the exciting risk taking play that we did time after time the last two years. I'd rather them stuff up doing that than some of the stuff we've seen the past three weeks.

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The pressure cooker

biggest part of this was at the very end.....
every Bris player (in the middle) were walking and not transitioning to defence.
Our players had transitioned well.

Bobbies kick (turnover) just meant Bris were successful and ended up being in space because of absolute laziness!
I doubt Bris are showcasing this in their review as 'good play'......
McCreey had the best 10 possession game I have ever seen.
Lifted the team time and time again.

from my Delorean

He works really well as the player on the move in F50 stoppages.
Mason Cox has bad games, but he’s actually a good player.

5 score involvements from 11 disposals. He does the little one percenters too.
If Mason was dropped for even just a few games, I think everyone would suddenly realize just how much we're missing him. He's been an integral part of the side over the last 2 years.

He's the whipping boy no matter what kind of game he has. I thought he was really good last week against the Saints, clunking marks all over the ground and competing well in the ruck. I couldn't believe people thought he was one of our worst and wanted him dropped. People just look at the stats, see zero goals next to his name, and declare that he must have had a bad game.

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Good win, lots to build on and lots to improve upon
The second quarter we went missing, lucky they did not capitalise on
But other that that we were the better team
Leigh Mathews was pretty vocal about us over celebrating all summer for our premiership.

Didn’t get the memo about the BrisVegas tour that’s currently engulfed his club.

In fairness they didn’t have as much to celebrate…
It’s time to move on from Hoskin Elliot, he has been a serviceable player but 32 now with no real attributes other then having a tank

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Ah no
HERE IS SOME HOLIDAY READING if but a bit long from Anabelle on Extreme black & white in the form of a match report

What a difference it makes to wake up on Good Friday morning without the remembering an Easter wrecker loss from our traditional date at Brisbane’s citadel. Even more so following our recent form slump. It’s good way to open our account, and as McRae says, it’s not about defending the flag, but about qualifying. We’ve at least put our first stake in the ground.

In some ways it’s ironic we chose this venue to look more like the previous two year’s version of ourselves. Nonetheless it can’t be totally surprising as wins in backs to the walls scenarios on the road have been part of our DNA regardless of who’s coach. Nobody expected the ‘dirty Pies’ to prevail in an epic final in Perth and send the parochial crowd with their proverbial tails between their legs. Once again, we defied our critics to win on the road and it’s becoming tiresome to hear that we never travel. In reality we leave our treasured home base as often as the other big Melbourne clubs and generally emerge victorious, so those who believe our ‘mini-era’ has been built on fixture favouritism are fallacious fabulists. Let’s not forget teams like the Aints are bending over backwards to have a home game against us at the ‘G to fill their coffers.

The main message during the week was about pressure and back to the fundamentals of our playbook and we saw these traits on offer last night.

It might give us a stay of proceedings from adverse press scrutiny and the spotlight will surely now be on the Lions as they entered the contest under similar pressure, but sans flag their morale will be sapped. Significantly for us we’ve strung two wins together against a recent prime nemesis and cast aside the doubts about our ‘luck’ in allegedly beating a ‘better’ team in the Lions despite our nine extra scoring shots. We have reaffirmed our 2023 flag credentials.

On balance the forward line looked full of energy rather than dysfunction, while the defenders largely defended, especially in the second quarter which was reminiscent of the last stanzas against the Dees and Giants last finals series when it looked like the dam wall would finally burst. Even Fly alluded to this.

The influx of Noble seemed to be a boon for the team and some of us openly questioned why he had to be the casualty after the loss against the Giants. Little Johnny plays every game like there is no tomorrow and the run and carry he offers has hurt our transition play this year. He has bulked up a bit to add strength as this has been seen as a weakness in contests. He was one of our best.

Frampton certainly came alive, while Daniher was dormant by his standards against us. Billy played him perfectly and showed aggression at times too. He positioned himself well against his enigmatic opponent, winning and halving contest, while also initiating some attacking moves. He has added important ballast to the backline these past two weeks.

Now that Fly was a paragon of graciousness in his presser last night, surely Caro will turn her attention to Pendle’s love tap on Neale who milked it for all it was worth. Can imagine seeing her face of thunder (especially if the Tiges lose) as she ruminates over Scott’s blot on the escutcheon despoiling a pristine record. Pendles was very creative at times last night as he performed his signature moves but he is understandably making more errors than in times of yore.

Reef once again showed fleeting glimpses of AFL traits, and unlike Ash he does seem more involved in matches, even moving up the ground at times but he still looks more neophyte than accomplished player. Still, he must be given a block of games in which to find his feet and retaining him might help develop forward line synergy.

Jamie seems to have rediscovered his mojo over the past two weeks. He even seems to be moving unencumbered. During the first couple of rounds he looked like someone gingerly moving because of a stiff back. Of course he’s been relentlessly dumped into the turf over his journey. He seems more confident shooting for goal as his radar has recalibrated and he pushed up the ground at times to offer his services in transition. He is our leading goalkicker to this juncture.

Likewise, Checkers appeared to be moving more freely last night and he is a puzzle in that he sometimes makes the difficult look crazily easy, but the simple look difficult. He is a bit of a joker in the pack but he was a lively presence in our forward line which kept up a defence shorn of its key runners, honest.

The Lions fans must hate how Bobby chose their team for him to put the dazzle back into his name. His opening burst of majors set the tone for us, and while he didn’t rack up possessions, his pace was a disruptor at times.

Cameron may have been affected by gastro as his impact was blunted compared with his previous outings but Cox did step up to provide some cover in what for him were difficult conditions with the humidity providing a slippery deck. Mason hasn’t hit the scoreboard yet despite having some pings around goals.

JDG is slightly off colour. While he appeared to be exerting himself more than what seemed to be the case in other games, he butchered the ball a bit, admittedly under some concerted pressure at times. Perhaps he is being targeted more by the opposition because it’s clear that if he shines, we generally win.

Crisp may have been an odd choice for sub but this was perfectly played by the coach. He would have had alarm bells ringing regarding the maintenance of ‘the streak’ and realised that this is a wake call for him. If he wasn’t so valuable over the course of a match when in top form, he would always shape as a dynamic sub because of his elite fitness and his appetite for taking on the game. Releasing him part way through the third term was a boon for us, and while their sub netted them one kick for one consolation goal, Jack ripped it up.

Beau – while he didn’t drive the scorer to distraction, this is the McCreery game which complements the way he want to play. It was great to see him have a shot from a fair way out as sometimes he streams forward with a muddled mind and it results in profligacy as demonstrated in the Grand Final. He has unparalleled strength and at times plays with menacing intent which is apt to discombobulate opponents.

Shooter Schultz is hardly firing on all cylinders. His output is more barren than bounty and there is only so many times one can refer to the pressure he brings to cover for the lack of stellar craft he showcased at Freo being kept under wraps at Pieland. It’s hardly his fault that Wright’s procrustean tactics saw him overpriced, and he will be constantly measured against our forfeited 2024 first rounder.

WHE appears to be sharing his invisibility cloak with the aforementioned Schultz. While running desperately to good effect a couple of times and snaffling a good mark on one occasion, he appeared to be largely edited out of our screens. Surely, he must have been a candidate on offer for letting Crisp loose but maybe his disappearing act caught Fly off guard too.

Finlay started on the field for the first time in a long time but alas didn’t finish the game. Realistically he didn’t produce what we hoped but maybe he needs continuity and deserves some patience from coach and fans.

Howe lifted his work rate this week and moved freely which helped him read the play and be instrumental in some attacking moves.

Moore seemed hellbent on sticking to the basics and while his numbers were appreciably down on previous weeks, again he was at the forefront of the one percent crew (currently leading the ‘competition’) and he seemed determined to avoid the clumsy, egregious errors which have seen him heavily critiqued in medialand.

Maynard and IQ went about their work in an industrious manner and added to what seemed to be a more cohesive back half. Brayden’s aggression was evident on a number of occasions but rather than be craven against this mob who’ve dominated us at times, especially at their fortress, we need an assertive presence.

Nick’s move back into defence which was mooted during the week proved to be a winner as it allowed him to break the shackles, take some kickouts and become involved in the game in a way which allowed us to move the ball with celerity and greater precision. His statistics were good, but more pleasingly his impact was more telling. We should continue to rotate in order to optimise his strengths and provide the best balance for the team.

His sibling was prominent again, but like Nick appeared to be more constructive than in some of the previous matches where his possessions seemed to be more about accumulation than penetration.

Mitchell who’s also been a source of speculation and condemnation in the press produced his most constructive game since we lifted the cup. He quelled a rampaging Neale in the second half and fed his teammates with some well won possessions.

So we have emerged from a brutal early draw on the wrong side of the ledger after a block of four games but most pundits tipped us to face the Hawks at 0-4. We have a ten day break, followed by a trip on the road and then a bye so have the chance to regroup and reset.
disagree completely with Comment about Shultz .. he was number ! pressure rated on the ground ,, is fining his feet in fwd line and doing his role
fair dinkum, Beau was in full beast mode last night

Can’t recall which quarter, but at one stage he had two Lions tackle him and try to bring him down, and he kept his feet. He is so strong. And as you say, he’s an utter beast. Love him.
Can’t recall which quarter, but at one stage he had two Lions tackle him and try to bring him down, and he kept his feet. He is so strong. And as you say, he’s an utter beast. Love him.
So does his Mum - apparently....

PS - people carry on about 1st rounders and Derek Hine etc - Beau was pick 44 (Maynard pick 30) - fantastic value x 2 - thanks Derek
Josh Daicos 49 pressure points , only Mitchell , Schultz higher for us this game. Not bad for a player that apparently defensively poor. Turn it up.

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