Preview Round 5, 2021: Hawthorn v Melbourne MCG 3.20pm Sun 18th April

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Nick the Pig

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Apr 3, 2019
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Hard to know what changes the match committee will make this week as the boys had a crack and the effort was there but the execution was deplorable. Clarko normally doesn't change much if the effort is there. Especially if the team were trying to implement instruction.

Howe an obvious out for Burgoyne.

Our two ruck set up is so frustrating but it will be a big change up if Clarko opts for a different structure. Can't remember when we last consistently played a one ruck set up when both BB and Ceglar have been both fit. Hope he changes it though.

What he does with the tall forward set up Is anyone's guess. Lewis is building nicely, Kosi will be a slow burn but surely worth persisting if they see a future, TOB was just so poor on Sunday. Jeka has had two good weeks but hasn't shown much prior to that. Mind you one good game basically got Kosi elevated to the firsts.


Brownlow Medallist
Aug 14, 2011
Tully FNQ
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No we aren't winning the majority of the games, that is just not right. We have "won" 6 of the total 24 quarters we have played, with another being a stalemate.

Technically we won two quarters against Freo - the second and the fourth. The fourth we won by one point, though they kicked 3.6 to our 4.1. Shots for the game: 31 shots to 22.

Against Geelong we won one quarter - the last. 19 shots each for the game.

Against Richmond we won zero quarters. We drew even in the second quarter and lost all the others. 23 shots to 14 for the game.

Against Essendon we won three quarters. Total shots were in their favor 26 to 22.

The responses have been encouraging. Especially given Richmond and Geelong will be two of the top teams this season, and Freo are an up-and-coming team full of young talent.

But in the end all that hard work has equalled a single one point win against a team that we expect to finish below us.
Wow! Maths isn't your strong suit is it?

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Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 27, 2008
AFL Club
Hoping they throw the book at Ceglar tonight for his little hit on Walters. Should get Freo to say that Walters is suffering delayed concussion and sent for scans. Only way I see Clarko not playing him. That was the only good thing he has done all year, and still couldn’t put Walters out of the game.
Yeah. There was nothing in that.

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Larry Barnsworth

Good Heart, Soft Touch, Fast Horse
Mar 11, 2018
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Don't remember seeing the Lewis incident - so was a little surprised to see him suspended. Disappointed too. Was waiting for the MRO's utterance to see his view on Ceglar, whether it would impact selection and force our hand.

So our selection hand is forced, but on one of our better players on the weekend. Oh well.
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