Game Day Round 5, 2021: Hawthorn v Melbourne MCG 3.20pm Sun 18th April

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Larry Barnsworth

Good Heart, Soft Touch, Fast Horse
Mar 11, 2018
AFL Club
Basically can just C&P what I said last week:

Me - last week said:
What I'd like to see today is us not be 3+ goals down at quarter time and having to engineer a heroic come from behind pursuit of victory.
But pleased we're not just replicating the two specialist ruckmen selection after continued low impact. So that's something.

Also curious to see any Nash based improvement. In the past his time in the team was very low impact, to the point at times where we were practically playing a man down. His continued selection was all betting on the come. And what I saw of him at Box Hill was largely more of the same. So I will openly admit to have mentally moved on from him as an option. But by all reports he's been playing well and actually impacting pretty significantly at Box Hill this season, so yeah - let's have another look.

We should be faster this week. That's gotta at least help.

Go Hawks!
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On Topic

Team Captain
Jan 7, 2018
AFL Club
Hoping Nash’s improvements at BHH level is translated to senior footy. He deserves his shot this week. The amount of “supporters” who are upset about a kid getting a game is astonishing.

Just a few points I’d like to bring up. Brockman wasn’t dropped, he was managed. Same as Kozi was last week. Hanrahan deserves his chance this week after some strong performances.

Cousins is making some strides as well but Worpel made improvements last week and deserves a chance to build on that again. Let’s not forget Worpel is still a developing player. I’m hoping that Worpel gets a run on Petracca. He will learn a lot and might be able to take out some of his influence. Have Mitchell go head to head with Oliver and O’Meara to play off Brayshaw.

A small chance we can still this match but I’ll be happy with another competitive outing.


Premiership Player
Oct 17, 2009
AFL Club
It would be a very Melbourne thing to do to lose this. But when you look at the teams as named, it is very difficult to see how that could happen. They have more talent all over the ground, especially in the middle. Hard to see Gawn, Petracca and Oliver not having a picnic against our slower and smaller midfield

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Senior List
Jul 5, 2011
AFL Club
For us to be a chance today we need a massive game from our captain. Seriously he should do a hard tag on Gawn every minute he is out there, forward our back I don’t care, just make sure he is in a contest the whole game and takes no uncontested marks. This is critical!!!


Premiership Player
May 30, 2012
AFL Club
Expecting a loss. But will go to the game looking for positives and growth from the kids. When you're in this phase as a club, it's all you can take from it. Credit to Melbourne, they've built a pretty formidable list from high picks, and being sh*t for so long.
Credit to them because not everyone is capable of it, look at the rabble Carlton are.


Team Captain
Jun 19, 2018
AFL Club
Watched Ollie @ Box Hill last week in the 2's.
His pressure acts & work around the ball stood out as a player just coming down a level.
Expect the same today from him.
Another player who's playing for his career.
Want to keep playing AFL Ollie step up!


All Australian
Jul 10, 2008
AFL Club
First game for my youngest this morning. My enormous boy does great hip and shoulder, has the ball, open goal...

Stops to see if the other player is ok. Tackled

None of this today Hawks. No mercy
Your boy knows what really matters in life. May not make it as a footballer but will as a human being.
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