Should the AFL get rid of VFL Premierships and only count AFL?

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Mar 16, 2010
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There are 3 possibilities.

1. We apply a historical approach and note that from 1897 to date there has been an Aussie Rules competition which has changed over time with different teams, different rules but can be traced continuously, year on year, back to the VFL which started in 1897.

The purpose of history is to understand what is relevant in the past that informs the present. The fact that some teams have joined and some teams have departed, the fact that the rules have altered, considerably, the fact that the way the game is played now is almost unrecognisable from its form even 20 years ago does not change the steady fact that the VFL/AFL has been a continuous competition from year to year back to 1897.

If you want to know, historically, how many flags have been won by any particular team in that continuous competition then it is necessary to count up all the flags won since 1897.

2. We ignore history. We arbitrarily start counting premierships from 1990 because that is when the competition changed its name from VFL to AFL. Or we arbitrarily start counting from 2012 when the most recent team joined the competition (and will have to start counting anew if/when another team joins the competition. Or we arbitrarily start counting from when the rules last changed since "the game" as played by the current rules is what is important right. (I assume that there will be rule changes before 2020 and on this counting method every club has won zero flags!).

3. We ignore all of the above and select a date to start counting that places our own club in the best possible light (coincidentally or not 1 and 3 give me the same result:)).

But the question "How many flags has team X won in this competition?" is an historical question. History answers it one way.
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