The Chicken Little thread 2021 edition

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All Australian
Nov 7, 2019
AFL Club
Ok I’m putting a line through us making finals in 2021 (it will be much less painful than keeping hope alive that we will).
I hadn't until today but we'll be 3 games & percentage behind 7th position at the end of this round. The 8th team being Richmond...

I wouldn't rule GWS out but otherwise the gap between the top 8 and rest after just 9 rounds is pretty astounding.

Honestly thought we could have caused an upset over the past 2 weeks. So ******* sick of seeing our season shot before its even half completed.


Premiership Player
Sep 15, 2011
AFL Club
Other Teams
Liverpool FC, Lakers, Longhorns
Ok my prediction unless some of younger players go to the next level, with basically same team and same head coach we will be in the same position next year in terms of missing finals.

Incremental growth won’t get us there we need a huge shakeup to progress.

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