Analysis The D Word

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Brownlow Medallist
May 1, 2016
AFL Club
See, the only reason we're short KPD is because we delisted 2-3 over the past 2 seasons, leaving us with the bones and the cream on the top. We need to list 2-3 KPP - to differentiate from KPD, KPF or rucks - and we need to develop the ones we've got.

Who knows if TDK becomes too valuable as an athletic leadup CHF who can provide ruck chopout? Who knows if Charlie gets on the park? Who knows if Levi and Jones wind up playing into their forties as both break the games record?

I certainly think we're short a few talls, but it's only dire if, should we get a few injuries, our coaches are incapable of innovating.

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Brownlow Medallist
Oct 11, 2009
AFL Club
Other Teams
Do we run deep enough for this mob tomorrow night?
No, not yet.

Closer than anytime in the last two decades though.

Need 16+ top line consistently good performers on the park for the majority of the season to be competitive. We have several out injured or struggling for fitness.

The bottom 6-10 of the 22 is the barometer for our season, they play well we are a chance. Multiples of them get beaten we are toast.

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