Will Collingwood try to move Grundy on with that contract?

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Sep 29, 2020
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
We don't want him - Ruck for us is almost the least most important position we need to get better talent in. ROB will do the job OK - not great, but OK and that's enough

As I said, anyone taking on his contract would be giving up a nominal pick or fringe player and thats it. And I say that as someone who really liked Grundy as a player and remember watching him playing at Sturt before his AFL career, but he just does not in any way shape or form fit what we need for our list profile. I'd rather DeGoey
Agreed with this - Crows don't need Grundy. ROB is a top 10 ruckman in the comp so would question the need to sell the farm for a top gun ruck when they're a few years from the premiership window, which would align with Grundy's retirement.

North - Xerri has shown some good signs this year, so he'd likely leave if Grundy came in. North would have a similar argument to Adelaide - too far away from the premiership window to sell the farm unless it was a salary cap dump and Collingwood threw some good draft picks at North. Would expect North to have more salary cap room.

GWS - certainly may have interest in chasing a big ruckman as the current stock are sufficient, but not great. Would be a good fit.

IMO - GWS would be the most suitable location, or perhaps Sydney if their magic salary cap can create room

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