2020 NBA Lottery and Draft (11:30am ADST Thursday, November 19)

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Jul 25, 2019
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Leeds United
The Sixers are finally building around their two best players.

******* hell what a good day.
The only two good players Philly has 😄😄😄

Least you got rid of Horford and his sh*t contract, I would call that a big W for The Sixers on its own :)

Snarls Barkley

Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 7, 2012
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Western Bulldogs
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Devin Vassell was the guy I was hoping for at pick 11 as soon as it was obvious Williams was going to be the draft riser. Need more of those 3 and D guys and he looks the best available at that.

Not sure how Tre Jones gets opportunities any time soon with all the guards currently on the roster but seems like a decent prospect

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