NBA Week 19/20 - Where we pull a Swiftie

Did you enjoy All-Star Weekend?

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  • Yes - it was good to get an early start on my taxes

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  • Yes - as a Pistons or Wizards fan, it was nice to enjoy an undefeated week

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Guess the Simmons contract legitimately could go down as the worst ever in NBA history

Depending on the criteria. Ben was worth big money when he signed the contract.

Timofey Mozgov all day for me.
Bad luck Boston 😘

Never want to hear about Tatum being in the MVP discussion again lol
It is literally insane Luka can average a 40 point triple double for a month and move behind Tatum in the MVP rankings. Record matters but play has to come first. He is just not on the level or close to the level of Jokic, Giannis, Luka.

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Not open for further replies.