2023 ICC Men's Cricket World Cup Game 11 New Zealand v Bangladesh 13/10 1900hrs @ MA Chidambaran Stadium

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That's a terrible review, Conway missed that by a mile.

It's a shame there aren't more of them there, we get more of them to games in Australia.

It seems like only the Indian fans are turning up in numbers for this World Cup.

I doubt there will be many Pakistan fans at the game against India tomorrow night.
India wouldn't be viewed as a tourist friendly country in terms of transport / facilities.
Have there been any close games in this world cup yet? Terrible tournament for neutral viewing.
That was a horrible decision on the rope. Either tap it back in for a catch or at least to prevent a six. Simple decision regardless, you need to tap that back in. Horrendous.
So nice for the male commentators to give a little bit of condescending reference to women's cricket. Nice to have a gate named after you, while the big boys claim stands... hmmm

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