2023 ICC Men's Cricket World Cup Game 26 Pakistan v South Africa 27/10 1900hrs @ MA Chidambaran Stadium

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Usama bowls some juicy pies, Klaasen didn't miss out on that one.

I don't think the format is the problem so much as teams like England, Pakistan and Sri Lanka not being as strong as previous World Cups.

England have been the biggest let down, they were expected to be a strong semi finals contender and now they are pretty much out of it.

I don't think anyone could have predicted that.
Usually in a round robin format, the standings and positions dont lie. Its a bit like the English Premier League in soccer when you play home and away, over a longer period of time- you see the better teams rise to the top. Yep no one would have predicted England being as bad as they are. But their preparation has been woeful . Playing Ireland in a best of 3 ODI series, seriously?

They only have themselves to blame.
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We might actually have a game that's not all but done and dusted ten overs from the finish line :oops:

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