Are the NY Knicks finished ?

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Sep 8, 2000
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Personally i couldnt care what a Lakers fan thinks of the Knicks and the NBA is pretty good when the Lakers are doing **** all cause it means the majority of their fans, bandwagoners i might add, go missing.
How much is Kobe and Nash taking up in salary next season? well looks like u will be doing **** all with us next season :)
We are the Lakers so we won't be down for long. Somehow we will find ourselves with the #1 draft pick, and we will immediately elevate ourselves to playoff contenders again. Then the following season when we get rid of Kobe and Nash, we will have the money to buy another threepeat. That's the way the NBA works and as a supporter of the Lakers since the late '70's (I'm no bandwagoner) thats the way I like it. :)

As for the Knickerbockers, I wish you luck, but you'll need more than that. Just be thankful you're not a Richmond supporter as well, the pain and frustration would be almost unbearable, you'd consider slitting your wrists. :)

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May 23, 2012
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We are probably the most cursed franchise in the league
I think you caught the cursed trade equivalent of an STD from us when the whole Chris Paul thing happened.

At first it was minor, just a few ugly spots called Chris Kaman and Xavier Henry.

Now however it has turned into a debilitating outbreak of cursedness. Boogie will attest to this.


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Sep 26, 2012
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The op is a Boston fan and gave birth to more than a few Boston fans that have now grown up to become fully fledged adult Boston Celtics fans on social media and they too will give birth to multiple kids and thus they expand quickly seeping the life out of every platform on the internet.

to answer the op, the Knicks exist however they do not live, they merely exist.


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