BBL10 SC 2020/21

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Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 21, 2008
The Sunshine State
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North Melbourne
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Feedback welcome

I'm pretty settled atm
I like the use of Strikers and Hurricanes, that'll set you up very well for round 2. I have the same Stars as you except for Hussain. Khawaja is a good POD, seems like he has been forgotten about. Turner & Wildermuth are both in my team too, seems like they are well and truly unders. Not much else i can say, looks solid. We share 12 players currently

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Bleeding black & white
Feb 7, 2017
AFL Club
Probably doesn’t mean much but Faulkner has been killing it down here in Tassie grade cricket with the bat. I can see him batting 7 and getting 4 overs every game
Grade cricket is different. Just this year Renshaw is averaging 203.7. Highest score of 345 in grade cricket.

Have seen Faulkner in a few teams now thoigh. Good luck with it. Both games in rd 2 Hob v Ade in TAS should benifit him too. 🤔

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