News Brad Crouch to Saints (STK make offer; Band 3, ADL to match?)

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Kid A

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Aug 2, 2005
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So it seems like St K was prepared to pay Brad say $700k a year but (kinda understandably) made it so it was incentive based. In case Brad got injured again.

The Crows fell into the trap of believing that St K would do us a 'favour'. And thus let Brad develop expectations that he'd go through. So now he and his manager - rather unkindly, but fair play to them - are pushing us to release him.

Crows stuck in the middle and have failed to simply call the Saints' bluff.

A valuable lesson on why you play your cards close to your chest, don't give either party too much string and act strongly and decisively.

Bloody sh*t negotiation from the Crows...they should hire me to negotiate on their behalf but I'm pretty sure they'd baulk at my rates.

P.S. Tell me again why we should be kind to GWS with the Hately trade.

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Mego Red

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Oct 3, 2003
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Only we could drag this out to a last minute decision where we'll announce a trade with a myriad of pick swaps that we try and sell as a win, when in reality it'll be unders for Brad's value.

Never change AFC.
I guess it depends what Brad's value is.

It's clearly a LOT lower than he thought.


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Nov 1, 2012
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Unless it’s a FU match, there is nothing but unprofessionalism behind leaving it this late

makes us look flustered, desperate and conflicted

just how a professional organisation wants to come across

now, if we match and say he won’t be going to STK, I can get the FU back

but if we’re flapping trying to pretend to make more of the shitty compo then it’s just embarrassing
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