Review Dees v the GWS Giants - the Good, Bad & Fugly - Rd 3, 2021

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Apr 2, 2012
AFL Club
Just got home from the game. Bloody good atmosphere, must've nudged a sellout.

The weather. Canberra can get bloody cold in the evening, but tonight was perfect.
KOZZIE. fu** he is good to watch. If the ball is within 80m of him you want to find where he is. So fast and always on and working hard. Doesn't waste his touches.
Gawn. Marked everything tonight and hit the scoreboard. Great game.
Jackson. Smart with his ruckwork and had some handy touches around the ground.
Brayshaw and Langdon both worked hard up and down the wings. Brayshaw isn't a natural at it but gets around the ground well to help out. Langdon just busts his arse all game. Love it.
Hunt had an ok game. Running game was there and definitely tried lowering the eyes to hit targets but kicking remains iffy.
Spargo was solid. Smart user and works hard around the ground.
Fritsch. Wasn't quite close enough to show him TKs lab, but did whisper to myself before each set shot to drop it low and not lean back, and he kicked most of them (obvs didn't work for his snap round the corner that missed(. So I'm claiming credit for that accuracy!
Good fightback from a slow start and those quick goals in the last.

Leaking goals easily. Greene is pretty bloody handy, but we gave him some easy opportunities through dropped marks or poor work up the ground.
First quarter was poor. Typical 2019/20 stuff of having 15 inside 50s but not scoring while the oppo can walk it in the other end. Our defense was slow to setup and we left too many spare Giants free trying to 'zone'.
Trac gets the red mist a bit too often. A few moments where he tried to do too much and butchered it.
Sparrow, TMc did stuff all. Jones pretty quiet too.

No individuals were totally bad though. Overall a solid performance albeit against an undermanned and underwhelming opposition.


Apr 5, 2010
AFL Club
first off I’ll say, Big fu** you to Brent Daniels for doing nothing against anyone and then having a go against us, piss off and have fun playing well against the other 17 teams in the comp (rant).

Anyway, very decent win, the Giants came out strong and were up and about and we were a little rattled, but we settled and ended up controlling the game and winning from there.

Massive win, we were dominant in the 2nd half and the Giants forward efficiency flattered them, but we deserved the win and deserved to win well.

great win, 3-0 and let’s not stopfrom here, go dees!
Good win in isolated context, but I was pretty happy we beat the aints until seeing essendon beat them by 12 goals.

If we're serious, GWS are probably bottom 4, with 4 key injuries tonight, and they had us totally rattled. I hate to be a Melbournish Michael, but we've had the most disappointing 3-0 start imaginable.

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Apr 16, 2016
AFL Club
Our overwhelming mediocrity. Against a side like GWS we need to have the game over by half time if we are fair dinkum. Sides will always rise against us if we can't put them to the sword, which we can't.

Tmac, should struggle to get a game on that form

All GWS' injuries

Oliver cracking the shits with a tag. Dermie is a spud but he's right. Clarry, you're a gun. DW about a taggers nonsense. Just do your thing.

Lever and May. Defence in general.

Slow, slow ball movement. Too much holding it up. Hopefully that's a symptom of no Brown/Weidmann

Gerard Healy. Shut up.

3-0 babayyyy!!
Hunt, all round game and he lowered the eyes quite a bit.
Fritcsh not missing everything!

Jones played like a sensible 300 gamer

Viney was ON where we needed midfield leadership

Quick handballs hitting targets ! Essential to our attack

KOZZI. A player you genuinely get excited to watch. His pressure and finishing skills were unreal.
Fair resurrection there Hellbound. 11 years almost to the day between 1st and 2nd posts. Kozzie brought you back. Bless.

Billy Demon

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Jun 12, 2011
AFL Club
Take 3:0 against any opposition given some of the results this week. Best thing is after quite a few years we have some real turnover in our best 22 with quality young players making a statement. So if Goodwin keeps his job is it because he is coaching better or could he be saved by strong recruitment/drafting etc? We might only be 1 or 2 gun recruits away from a flag over the next few years, or is this squad good enough to go all the way? Do we simply need a new Head Coach to make it happen? Who knows, but we need to see what happens over the next 4-6 weeks to work out where we are at.

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I miss frostball :(
Mar 4, 2020
AFL Club
Kozzie is the best small forward in the game already.
Gawn bashing up an inexperienced ruck as expected
Langdon was the biggest steal ever
Hunt played one of his best games ever, great dash
Jackson not just showing glimpses but providing a solid four quarter performance
Rivers just quietly becoming one of our best players, was very good, especially in the first half when things were tough.

Petracca is in poor form, had 29 tonight but You can't say he had a large impact on the game, pretty much the same in rounds 1 and 2.
We nearly gave them a look back in it, but fought back well.

Our players getting sucked into high free kicks from ducking Gws players. Just dumb and soft.
GWS fitness staff. Injuries aren't entirely based on luck, not a coincidence that they consistently have one of the longest injury lists while teams with respected fitness people and programs in us and Brisbane hardly have any injuries over a couple years.
Leon Cameron's use of Josh Kelly. He is far and away their best mid, he offers some speed and good ball use to their one paced midfield. I don't think he attended a single centre bounce all game, he was banished to the wing or half forward even after Coniglio and De Boer went down. He is clearly gettable in the off season, an elite inside/outside mid with class would be the final piece for us, hope we get into his ear.


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Jun 23, 2011
Q49, Olympic Stand
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Right. More tonight then.

Machine football. That’s what I have decided we are. If teams get a break on us, for better or for worse, the plan is the same. Bomb out of D50, use our runners (Langdon) if available, cause a stoppage if needed and repeat I50. Sure, it ain’t pretty, but we are 3-0.

Backline dealing with Greene
Too many passengers

Oliver flat out getting mauled at every clearance and the umpires doing nothing. Club should complain. Absolutely shithouse.
May 4, 2010
Under the Bridge Downtown
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Good win - we should have won by 50 points in all honesty.

Same concerning signs from R1/2 were there for me tonight, we're doing a lot right but our mistakes are critical and cost goals.

Geelong will be a tough match, they're very experienced and well-drilled.

Koz, Spargo, Jackson, Hunt were all great.

Trac & Oliver were flat again - winning with them being poor is a massive plus.

Viney & Gawn - best of the experienced bunch.

Lever, a bit off good and fugly - but mostly good.

Think a couple of changes are worthwhile for next week, Nev & Sparrow potential outs.


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Aug 1, 2009
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- Bank the 4 points and move on. Unconvincing 3-0 however as a Melbourne supporter take it anyday.
- Kozzie Pickett - a joy to watch.
- Max turned on the afterburners in the second half after only breaking even in the first half against a 3rd gamer.

- Unconvincing first half against an opponent decimated by injuries. Should have put them to the sword, the Giants had a sniff at the start of Q4 and it shouldn't have got anywhere that close.

- that runt Toby Greene. Great goals, sh*t bloke.
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Jun 12, 2013
AFL Club
And yeah Trac has been rubbish for mine this year. Has a big sook to himself every time things don’t go his way, but is getting full midfield minutes and seems to float in and out of games. Has set a high bar for himself, needs to do more than just win a lot of grubby positions. A big game against a top side would do a lot for his standing.


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Aug 29, 2010
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And yeah Trac has been rubbish for mine this year. Has a big sook to himself every time things don’t go his way, but is getting full midfield minutes and seems to float in and out of games. Has set a high bar for himself, needs to do more than just win a lot of grubby positions. A big game against a top side would do a lot for his standing.
He's fallen into the trap of getting 30 disposals. It's been a blight on AFL footy for 15 years now. Get up in the midfield and you're basically guaranteed 20 but that doesn't mean you've done anything.

If rather him forward and have 18 and kick a couple


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Aug 29, 2010
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Huge from our coaching team to change the way the game was played early. Went from a zone defence to man on man, when we made the switch the Giants were out of the game. We smashed them, for the second week in a rown accurate kicking was the only thing that saved the other side.
Should get the lab up and try and work out whether we give away high quality chances, or teams have rode their luck. On balance we were 10 goals better than both GWS and Stkilda but inefficiency forward and some horrible mistakes down back cost us.
Lever Still scares the fu** out outta me, he can be brilliant for most of a quarter but his mistakes always seem to cost us goals.

We are seemingly commited to leaving the opposition have extras at the stoppage which i love. Dogs and Swans the 2 sides who could exploit it though.

Jayden Hunt was back, its almost like he remembered he wasnt tethered to an opponent and could run with the ******* ball.

Alex Neal Bullen is our best kick inside 50. Prove me wrong.

Luke Jackson best game for the club IMO, he had an actual influence on the game. I ******* love that he was taking more ruck contests and letting Max around the ground. Id argue Jacksons influence in the ruck is already the same as Gawn so why not use Gawns real strength which is his contested marking.

100 points again and game played on our terms for 3 quarters, we are either beating up on sh*t or on the verge of being really good. Not sure yet

Brayshaws game was pretty good, but fu** me dead a crocodile could side step him.

Sparrow get in the bin, I can see that he can play but are we trying to win or fatten the pig? How could Chandler or Melksham not add more.

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