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Apr 10, 2008
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Please keep us updated and informed about any injuries or fitness concerns. Hartigan has just had arthroscopic surgery on his left ankle, but it is expected to hardly set him back at all.

Doesn't seem like there are too many concerns just at the moment. This was the situation just a few days before Christmas.

Injury list
Tom Doedee:
The defender is ticking every box in his return from a torn ACL suffered in round one. He's back in the main group, will integrate into full contact drills and is aiming to play in at least one game of the Marsh Community Series.

Shane McAdam: Was on a modified program after having calf and hamstring issues this year but is now back in the main group and completing full training.

Ned McHenry: Was eased into the pre-season but has increased training significantly in recent weeks and is back among the main group. Finished second in the Crows' 2km time trial in November.

Andrew McPherson: Another who the Crows have taken a cautious approach with given his injury history. McPherson has ramped up his training loads in recent weeks.

Christmas Break
The Crows had their last day of training on Thursday, December 19, with the squad returning to pre-season training after the Christmas break on Friday, January 10.

Jul 31, 2007
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With news of Hartigan's ankle injury, I'm expecting a drip feed from the club regarding injuries and subsequent surgeries, with the usual suspects to feature prominently.

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