Toast Jeremy McGovern re-signs for five years


Team Captain
May 15, 2010
AFL Club
West Coast
He would never have been on much more slightly above average and is now working for the club so likely wasn’t set for life from his football career. He’s also had a marriage split so maybe not broke but not as well of as others

Sounded like it wasn’t something he thought about much while playing because he loved it at west coast but realises now that he perhaps could have leveraged the go home factor a bit more

He’s also said in a previous contract that when Mitchell came to the club at the end of 2016 his contract offer was shaved a bit
Yeah samething happened to vardy as well

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Club Legend
Feb 20, 2018
AFL Club
West Coast
As if anyone was offering Butler huge coin. He was terribly injury prone and was lucky the club stuck with him for so long.

Like many footballers, he appeared to go for a high maintenance wife and loved the high life. Once the money started drying up after football, the marriage ended and now he's actually paying attention to cash now.

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