Contracted Josh Daicos [Signed until 2022]

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Go Woods

Premiership Player
May 30, 2015
AFL Club
That does look to be a problem for Collingwood, player payments. Yes he should but they are running up a list of pretty highly paid players.
Going no where. We'll have room to sign all our players and add whomever the club targets at trade period.


Brownlow Medallist
Aug 21, 2018
AFL Club
Other Teams
Suns, Melb Stars
Shocked at how good a player this bloke has become. 1st class delivery into the forward 50. Will get a pay rise and rightly so.
Big improvement from last year where even pies fans weren't convinced he would get to be any more than an average player. But has taken a huge step forward this year. I first noticed the difference in pre-season, then those marsh series games, and it continued on into the season. When I listened to his interview after that sydney game this year, he explained his development was hampered early on in his career with a severe bout of asthma, that he only recently managed to get control of. It stopped him from able to control his fitness in his junior career and his first few years at the club.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 24, 2012
AFL Club
Hes going to be getting some big numbers thrown at him. Has a skill set that so many clubs want and need. He's a 500-600k a year player now.

Thanks for your assessment, I'm sure he'll be well looked after, as will his brother when he arrives to further torment oppo defences!

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