No Oppo Supporters Non Bulldog Footy Talk - Bulldogs only - Part 4

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John Smith92

Senior List
Nov 20, 2013
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Honestly though that was like nothing I've ever seen, even in Perth. Most of the time it wasn't even crowd noise influencing the decisions, it was just anything that could conceivably go Sydney's way did, and then there were several inconceivable howlers on top of that.

gangsta deluxe

Norm Smith Medallist
Nov 14, 2005
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Other Teams
Rajasthan Royals!!!
If Taylor Walker (I.e. like Bruce did) out scores norf by at least 3 goals, he will have kicked more goals than them this season.

Their current percentage is 37.4.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Mar 25, 2016
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Bombers finish bottom 4 and they let Merrett walk. They will get pick 4 and 5 to go along with Cox, Perkins and the other kid they drafted early last year. They’ll be a scary team very quick.

I really hope Marra had a break in between seasons of Married at first sight with Mia Fev last night during the game to watch how fit Nik Cox is. From all reports Marra gave him a bath in their matchup when they played in the under 18s. I really hope that lights a fire under him to want to work on his fitness so he can get a chance to show what he’s got at AFL level. In different ways Jamarra is absolutely just as talented as what Cox is. He just needs to work on his tank.


Space Traveller
May 3, 2001
Sirius - the Dogstar
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
I went to six matches up in Sydney in the 80s. We lost them all. The worst was the 108 point drubbing we got in 1987. Pancakes on the Rocks was nice though. The last footy match I saw in Sydney, was the 1999 Storm Premiership. :)
Only game I went to in Sydney was Swans v Cats (Geelong won) two days before Princess Diana died.


Norm Smith Medallist
Nov 18, 2015
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Bombers got close to a hot Swans team. Are they better than we thought?
Swans not as good as advertised. Sometimes you can set up a game plan and get strong adherence from a young group. This adherence is short lived until the young players gain the experience required to keep discipline.

Bombers are a team in transition. They would be well served imploding and hitting the draft hard, while they can still get returns from offloading more senior players.

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