Analysis Positives and Negatives for Season 2019

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Sep 21, 2010
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O.k so last night was disappointing, not what we had hoped for. I'm sure many of us felt rather flat after that fourth quarter but a new day dawns and onwards and upwards towards 2020.

Before we get there though lets have a good look at what went right and wrong over the course of the year with an eye towards the future.


We are still the reigning premiers for a few more weeks and even after that we are still closer to our last premiership than 17 other clubs.

No major injuries towards the later part of the season ruling anyone out for a large period of 2020. I'm sure there will be some surgeries and clean ups but overall the majority of the list should be ready to have a big pre season.


Beat Collingwood by 18 points at the G in round 3. Gutsy game, a see-sawing affair in terms of momentum and to watch the boys bring it home in the fourth quarter was incredibly satisfying. Showed immense heart that night.

Beat Adelaide by 12 points in Adelaide in round 10. Down 33 points in the third quarter against an Adelaide side who weren't going too bad at the time was huge. Showed a lot of heart and it gave most of us belief the hunger was there and it just needed to become more of a four quarter effort than the sporadic nature it had been to date.

Beat Hawthorn by 6 points at the G in round 15. In what was absolutely terrible conditions to play a football game the boys hold firm and manage to steal a win in the dying minutes. I still think if Hawthorn had kicked straight we probably lose but on a day like that the leather stings like hell and kicking goals isn't so easy. Showed immense character and heart to hold on when challenged.

Beat Fremantle by 91 points at Optus in round 16. Just glorious. The one game all year i could sit back and relax from the start. We were on and never took our foot off the pedal. Ross Lyons face after the game was a thing of beauty and is a memory i will take with me to my grave.

Beat Essendon by 55 points in the Qualifying final. After what was a very flat fortnight after the loss to Hawthorn the boys responded and put in a four quarter effort. Couldn't have asked for more from them.

Young players

Liam Ryan. He has impressed me greatly with his gut running and is fast becoming one of my favourite players. Can't wait to see him kick on in 2020.

Oscar Allen. This kid is pure class, i was annoyed when we missed out on Kelly but not that we drafted Allen. He has far exceeded my expectations and i can't wait to see him add a little muscle mass in 2020. Call me crazy but i would still like to see if he can rotate through the midfield. Very clean with ball in hands.

Jarrod Cameron. I was not expecting this kid to make the impact he did in so few games. Just electric this kid. Knows how to kick a goal but it's his tackling and one percenters that have me most excited. Needs a big pre season but a spot is his for the taking.

Jack Petruccelle. So Jack has a lot to work on in terms of his game but lets keep in mind he's only been playing this game for a short period as Basketball was his sport growing up. Has shown he has plenty of skill but just needs composure and polish. I truly believe that can be worked on. Tackling and field kicking will be two things for him to work on over the summer but considering how far back he's come from i'm optimistic.

Jackson Nelson. Didn't know if he still had a place with us as i saw him behind Duggan, Cole and Rotham but can pleasantly say i appear to be wrong. A good run at it and Jackson produced some quality football. Competition down back will be fierce over the summer.

HM: Jake Waterman Josh Rotham Francis Watson

Senior Players

Jack Darling. Continued on with his 2018 form, started slow but once he got going he was beautiful to watch. Anyone who suggested trading this bloke in the past is a moron. Will end up 2nd all time goal kicker and potentially 300 gamer the way he is tracking.

Luke Shuey. Gave it everything he had all year, so unappreciated outside of the football club but we know what he does and he's seems to be getting better with age.

Brad Shepperd. Another one overlooked by the media too often. No frills player but pure class and we'd be screwed without him down back. Don't worry Brad, we will have another crack in 2020 for you mate.

Elliott Yeo. His best is amazing, the marking, tackling, goal kicking from outside 50. Not many people win AA in two different positions but this cat was good enough to do it.

HM. Shannon Hurn Lewis Jetta


Well sadly the premiership defense fell short. Too many games with huge losses really hurt us at the pointy end.

Willie Rioli. Oh Willie. Not going to jump to conclusions, i'll wait until all the facts come out but it's truly heart breaking, was fast becoming one of my favourites to watch. Hopefully it's not career ending, time will tell but proud of the club sticking by him and offering support. We have come a long way from turning our backs on players and i'm so proud of us for that. Throw his pre season injury in as well as the shape he was in i thought he was going to rip the competition a new one.

Syndemosis.... like wtf is that? maybe i'm ignorant or hadn't been paying attention all these years but losing Duggo and Nic Nat really blew.

Optus Stadium. When we have to move training sessions away from the ground you now there are problems with it. New grounds take time to settle but cmon Optus hurry the fu** up.

Coaching staff. O.k so i don't know for sure but can i say that Van Berlo and Rosa weren't exactly what i had in mind when we lost Mitchell. After all the great things we heard about Sammy come out of the club, we didn't hear a thing about these two. Let's bring some class back in please, especially for the mdifield and even to help Simmo do we look at someone like Pyke again?


44 point loss to Lions in Round One at the Gabba.
O.k so we were underdone and so many players hadn't had a pre season but we only really played well for 10 minutes of the first quarter. Dewy conditions didn't help either and it seems the Lions were better than anyone thought.

42 point loss to Port Adelaide at Optus
Many point to the rain as a major factor in why we lost this but for me it was pressure. Port came over with an intense in your face game style and we weren't ready. Jumped early and then buried in the second quarter. Could have been much worse if they hadn't taken their foot off the pedal later in the game. If it wasn't for a bag of goals by a certain youngster this would have been a complete disaster.

58 point loss to Geelong at Alphabet Stadium
Oh boy did this one hurt. I seriously hate this bloody ground, not much more to say than that really. Have never played well down there (unless you count a 54 point comeback late in the third one fine day) we weren't turned on early and just got steamrolled. We made Rohan look like Ablett for crying out loud.

45 point loss to Sydney iat the SCG.
Another ground i bloody hate. This was a hard game to watch. Sydney had injuries galore, Buddy comes back to save the day as he always does against us but overall outplayed by a team that showed far more intent than we did. Not much to take from this game and the hoodoo continues.

1 point loss to Collingwood at Optus in round 17.
What happened? We controlled the game for the first half, didn't capitalize early in the third and then momentum swung. We gave them a sniff and belief and they steamrolled us in the last. Did we run out of puff? I doubt it, it was this game where i personally questioned whether we had an adequate back up when momentum started to swing and teams got on top. Looking above at some of the losses we had previously i probably should have questioned it much earlier.

6 point loss to Richmond at the G in round 22.
Just wow. I couldn't believe our first quarter, The whole MCG was shell shocked and i'm dreaming of back to back but we gave them a sniff towards the end of the quarter and then the second quarter they rose to the challenge and we didn't meet them. Once the heavens opened up it was a slogfest and we gave it all we had, so i'm proud of the boys for that but we should never have let them back in the game in the second and third quarters.

38 point loss to Hawthorn in round 23.
I have no excuses for this game but it reminded me a little of the Port game. Hawks came with intense pressure, up in our face at every opportunity and we didn't respond. As it wore on we panicked and the floodgates opened. Out coached massively on the day. Simmo needs to look at what we do when we are exposed with intensity. Cost us top 4 and quite possibly a pre lim.

20 point loss to Geelong in Qualifying final at the MCG. Got jumped early but fought our way back into the game. All this talk of this being Willies fault is horseshit. Ratogolea and Hawkins were outmarking our defenders, Kennendy and Darling down the other end couldn't clunk their marks early and even though i'm so proud of the boys for fighting back and showing some heart too many simple errors cost us and then the midfield was outplayed in the last.

So excluding the semi final overall we had two close losses where we were in very good positions to win and 5 absolute thrashings. The two close losses i can handle to some extent but what game plan do we have to mitigate the bleeding when teams get on top? Some tinkering to our game plan or at least a plan b needs to be looked at in 2020.

If you divide all 7 games by the margin its 33 points per game which isn't great but not too bad. Take out the two close losses and it's 45 points a game and that is disturbing. Cost us serious percentage and top four.

Young Players

Daniel Venables. Awful concussion robbed him of his 2019 season. Was hoping to see what he could do throughout the year and if he could hold down a spot. Sadly it wasn't to be but i'm glad he has recovered and the club looked after his well being and i can't wait to see what he can do in 2020.

Tom Cole. Lost confidence early and was never really able to get it back. It happens with young players, we know what he is capable of and hopefully he can have a big pre season and push hard to reclaim his spot.

Jarrod Brander. O.k so this is a little harsh as KPP can take much longer to mature but i was hoping to see a little more from Jarrod this year , even if it was in the two's. He still a rather light frame so look forward to seeing what he can do over the pre season. Definitely not for trade.

Senior players.

Andrew Gaff. I can't fault his gut running and intent but his kicking and disposals seemed a step down from last year. Usually far more polished and seemed to rush it a fair bit when he first came back. Improved as the year went on but expect more from Gaffy and hope he has a huge pre season.

Jeremy McGovern. Not a bad year but it was definitely down from his best. Didn't deserve AA ahead of Sheppard but they pick for position so what are you going to do? The new 6-6-6 rules exposed him somewhat and opposition clubs put a lot of work into him. I would love to hear the end of year review for him and wonder what we can do to help him play his natural game, it might be a case of asking him to do more of what he's not great at whilst covering him to allow him to do what he is great at. I dunno.

Tom Barrass. Thought he was tracking along quite nicely and he still is to be fair but got the yips late in the year when he came back and never truly recovered. Needs a huge pre season but i'm backing him in to come good.

J.K. We've asked so much of him for so long so i'm not too hard on J.K. Can't even train on Mondays anymore. The body is sore and tbh we should have managed him during the year, if he plays on we need to give him some rests next year against some lesser teams.

Dom Sheed. Started the season very well and i thought he was tracking along nicely but sadly ran out of steam and good form toward the later part of the year. Nothing to be worried about, sure Dom will kick on.

DHM Jack Redden Chris Masten Mark Hutchings.

In Closing, goodbye 2019 season, hello 2019 draft and trading period. Lets hope we can have a ripper and add T.K and a few other gems to the list.
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Balls In

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May 25, 2018
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All in all a very limp flag defence, especially when you consider what our team did in 2007 against enormous adversity. I dont think the hunger was there and our obsession with trying control the footy has turned us into the least contested team in Australia.
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Jun 19, 2017
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All in all a very limp flag defence. Especially when you consider what our team did in 2007 against enormous adversity. I dont think the hunger was there and our obsession with trying control the footy has turned us into the least contested team in Australia.
It's hard to maintain the rage/hunger.

Only Richmond has managed to do it in recent times I reckon.


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Nov 27, 2014
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It's hard to maintain the rage/hunger.

Only Richmond has managed to do it in recent times I reckon.
Think their gameplan helps with that a lot. It’s ugly but you have no option but to be fired up. With us we seem to be able to dominate play for 10 minutes and think that’s enough.


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Feb 20, 2018
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It's interesting that this is our equal most successful flag defence. Also won a final and lost a semi in 1993. Went out in straight sets in 95 and 07.

The main positive for this year was the development of our younger players. If we can get TK in and draft some OK young mids in the next one or two drafts then this team won't fall away anytime soon.

The biggest negative was the end to the season, losing winnable games to finish 5th. While many of us tried to be optimistic, I think we all knew the flag defence was over after that hawks game.

The silver lining is that we're still good enough to contend. Boys will have a decent pre-season now to reset and see what happens next year. May also get an easier draw with more of the tough teams at home.

We're really lucky overall. Our team has played finals for the past 5 seasons, including two grand finals and a premiership. Also got that classic after the siren win against port. There's not another team I would rather have supported over that time.

Go Eagles for 2020!


Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 27, 2005
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Whilst it was clear we had a premiership hangover for most of the year, only played in spurts in most games compared to 2018, at least we didn't do a Bulldogs and miss the finals all together. Only time we put teams away was when they rolled over and it was an easy kill, the hunger was missing this year.


We wasted a chance to go back to back mainly due to lack of hunger, we showed when we switched on we could beat anyone.


So many players under performed over the whole of the year.

Player ratings for me for those who played during the year

Ryan- 7 Excellent season, can fade out of games, if he can be harder for longer will be scary for the other teams.
Waterman -6 - Gets a bad rap on here, but i love the gut running he does, got some great experience this year, and has an upside for me.
Gaff - 8 Normal Gaff season, runs his arse off and this year i thought he got a bit more involved in the contested ball, and put his body on the line.
Sheed - 5 Started ok, but is this generations Priddis, big accumulator, kicks around the corner and slow as treacle, great kick for goal though.
Sheppard - 9 Would have to be favourite with Yeo for F & B, played like he wanted the flag, unlike some of his mates.
Yeo- 9 Could win 3rd F & B in a row, tackling monster, only knock for me he can cruise at times during games.
Masten -4 Too many brain fades during games, time is up for him, get a youngster in his spot, Petch out there for me.
Redden -7 Reasonably consistent season for Jack, just didn't reach the heights of last years form.
Nic nat - 6 Showed what he brings, just hope he can string a full season together, not holding my breath on that.
Brander - 3 Didn't show a whole heap in games played, but can see him playing across half forward as the connection between backs and forwards
Oscar- 7.5 Going to be a star for a long time, we have our key forwards set up for the future with him and Waterman.
Shuey - 8.5 didn't reach the heights of GF day, but still a key mid,sometimes tries to do a bit to much, a full season with Nic feeding him would be nice.
Duggan - 6 Injuries didn't help, but like a lot of youngsters seemed to drop off after winning a flag so early in his career.
Cripps- 6.5 Was awesome in some games, and absolutely invisible in others, as a leader should be more consistent.
Hickey - 7.5 I think he was a very handy recruit, he is never going to be a No 1 ruckman, but his hands in close are very good.
JK - 5 Father time has got to JK sadly, should only play at home next year, have to look after him so if we have another finals tilt he is fresh.
Venables 3 Even before the injury seemed to suffering from the premiership hangover, big year for him next year if he is serious about being a very good AFL footballer, which he shows in glimpses.
Vardy - 4 Very poor after such a great GF, cross roads in his career next year, another poor season could end his AFL career.
McGovern 8 Not his usual season IMO and a touch lucky to be all Australian, still super important to our set ups.
Petch - 5.5 Not a bad season for someone very early in his career, would love to see him replace Masten on the wing and use his main asset his speed.
Jetta 7 Elite ball user, and generally sets up all our attacking moves from the back, only issue is can be a touch casual.
Hurn 8.5 the glue in the back line, seems to be getting better with age, should have been all Australian captain.
Darling 9 Super season, and the new leader of our forward line, should be top 5 in F&B.
Cole 4 Looked like he enjoyed the off season and premiership celebrations far too much, looked well off the pace of AFL football.
Nelson 6 Thought he was done, showed tagging might be his go, maybe take over Hutchy's role if he can get a bigger tank.
Will- 7 So important to our structure down back, hopefully we can get one more season out of him.
Hutch 6 If he can't tag , then he can't play, does not offer much else and maybe time to give a youngster a shot at this role.
Rotham 5 Did not look out of place, he could be a very good player, just hard to get a shot in our back line.
Barrass 5.5 Injuries and a very obvious premiership hangover which he admitted , meant a poor season for him, will expect a much better season next year.
Cameron- 6 The surprise packet for me , got some good game time and will much better for it, we got a good one here.
AhChee - 5 Shows he can play just never consistent enough, needs to be given a longer stretch of games to see what he can offer.
Rioli - 7 Could be absolute elite, his vision and foot skills are amazing, just hope we seem him next year, does not look good though.

F & B Top 5 in no order
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The wily weagle

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Oct 16, 2014
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No more BS, excuses or apologies from our fitness staff next year: get Nic Nat capable of being able to play 80% of game time.

Get him lighter, fitter and able to cover more ground and get to more contests

Get him to the pre season and push him to the absolute limit. Have him drop 5-7kgs. Monitor his calories and diet

I don't care if they have to live in a tent in his front yard to be get it done, just do it.

If this happens, we will win the 2020 flag 👍

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Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 16, 2009
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Team Arrogance

- Allen jumped to another level
- We got more games into Petch, Cameron
- Waterman seems to have improved
- Nic Nat showed he's still capable of playing at this level
- Hickey can actually play footy
- Nelson managed to save his career
- Bailey Williams
- Jack Darling
- Stand alone WAFL side
- New facilities


- Tom Cole regressed
- Nathan Vardy
- Continued ankle injuries
- Jarrod Brander still hasn't played in a win
- Losing to Hawthorn and finishing 5th
- Josh Kennedy losing form
- Daniel Venables' concussion
- Yet another year where we haven't seemed to develop a young inside mid


Brownlow Medallist
May 2, 2009
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West Coast
We are still around the mark. We have got games into young players. We battled a few key injuries. We look like getting a big recruit. The hunger will be back. Plenty of reasons to look forward to next season.
struggled badly to be a gome off top spot, sleep well.


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Sep 23, 2015
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contested Ball. must get tim Kelly at all costs even if it means one of our players has to be jettisoned.

midfield is still a major weakness. the ruck divisions, defense and foward lines are good. JK hasn't got long to go before his body eventually gives up on him

eagles rule

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Oct 8, 2007
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I would like to see a new fwd coach in 2020 or if not some new team tactics , I was impressed with some of the tactics used by Geelong the subtle blocking and selfless acts that are minor but aids a team mate , I don`t thing WCE do it enough ..The bomb it long tactic is getting old now ..

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