MVP QS Medal : WCE board (POTY) Poster of the Year 2021 - Nomination thread

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Looking for a cloud to yell at
Oct 11, 2006
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West Coast
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After the disappointment that was our 2021 season it’s time to turn your attention to who can be considered worthy of the POTY title.

Can Dylan82 defend his title or will former winner Dark Sharks return like a joke that won’t flush or perennial bridesmaid Quinz finally top the podium.

Maybe someone new breaks through

Named the QS medal after inaugural winner and all round legend QS who tragically passed away in late 2017, the WCEPOTY is a significant life achievement up there with being drafted at pick 13 by the West Coast Eagles - I mean what could go wrong.

Past winners:

2013 - QS
2014 - Eastern Rangers
2015 - Keys
2016 - Keys
2017 - Monocle
2018 - HoneyBadger35
2019 -Dark Sharks
2020 - Dylan82

The 2021 season was a bitter disappointment with the side finishing outside finals for the first time since Simpson’s first season as coach in 2014. The knife in the guts was twisted further when the GF was moved to our home deck for the first and likely only time

But it’s now time to decide who shone brightest in 2021 so nominate away keeping in mind these simple rules :

• You can nominate as often as you like and there’s no limit on how often someone can be nominated.
• Only West Coast supporters are eligible to nominate or be nominated
• Whilst examples of a posters work aren’t necessary when nominating they can be useful when preparing a final voting shortlist. They can also be an entertaining reminder of great work
• Mods aren’t eligible for POTY nor are posters that have been banned.
• Nominations will remain open for an unspecified time before a final short list will be compiled by an unspecified panel using unspecified criteria much like the AFL’s modus operandi

Nominations are now open

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