Richmond still premiership favourites for 2019?

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Norm Smith Medallist
Mar 22, 2017
AFL Club
Tiges have got some great form about them but form fluctuates.

West Coast looked a million dollars yesterday and if they brought that with them could roll anyone. The great thing about Richmond however is the MCG factor and Friday night they broke a '' mini '' hoodoo as the Pies touched them up in round 2 and in that Prelim last year. I reckon they'd get the '' wobbles '' which is ironic if the Pies meet them in the same game this year. Once again, form fluctuates, but it doesn't always. On current form the Tige's best is the best along with the Eagles.

GWS in the last two weeks have been very impressive and showed strong resolve on the road. However they did that twice last year winning in Adelaide and the South Australian sides are once again looking very ordinary. So too are the Pies, so how much do we read into both Richmond and GWS's rich vein of form? Port have been average too. Richmond's winning sequence has come against the Saints, Suns, Power and Pies. GWS's against Collingwood and Port. This could be an in depth subject and could go many different ways. We'll get a true gauge in two weeks when the Tige's and Eagles meet.

In any case IMO all you can do is beat what you have in front of you and some teams fare better against others, form changes, every game is different. For the time being Richmond must be considered the best with WCE behind in second or on level pegging. The Catters could come into form again and the Giants if they continue to do hold form BUT be strong in Melbourne are among the best as well ( MCG form is horrid, Etihad may be average too ) Collingwood were beaten twice by Richmond last year, GWS in round 2, Hawthorn in round 1, Geelong, Sydney and WCE yet made the Grand Final and almost won it. Football's a fu**en funny game.

Right now though Richmond are favourites by a whisker.

1. Richmond
2. WCE
3. Geelong
4. GWS/Collingwood
5. Brisbane/Essendon

On the Lions. I'd favour Essendon to beat them on the MCG.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 10, 2012
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West Coast
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Really wont know till round 23. Richmond have to finish top 2 first. If they have to travel to Perth or Brisbane week 1. Things get interesting.


Norm Smith Medallist
May 23, 2010
Chalong 83130
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West Coast
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Perth (Demons)
How is one to enter into a meaningful discussion when one starts a conversation with LOL. Kids these days...I tell ya.

Cats for mine are worthy favourites at this point in time. They've clearly played the best footy throughout the season.
Including Rnd 17 how many games in a row will richmond play at the G ?


Brownlow Medallist
Feb 23, 2009
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Really wont know till round 23. Richmond have to finish top 2 first. If they have to travel to Perth or Brisbane week 1. Things get interesting.
It's very hard to beat Eagles in Perth, no shame losing that. I think Tigers are capable of beating Brisbane at the Gabba though, should that eventuate. I think any top 4 final is an interesting game, none of them are givens.
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