Toast Rob Wiley into the Hall of Fame

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Altum Volantes

92 - 94 - 06 - 18
Aug 4, 2003
AFL Club
West Coast
Rob Wiley has been inducted into the Football Hall of Fame tonight - aside from an excellent career with Perth and later Richmond, he was of course an inaugural Eagle in 1987, runner in the early 90s and a long time assistant coach to Mick Malthouse and John Worsfold - anyone who followed the club in the 90s and 2000s would remember Robbie, so raise your glass to the great man!

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Dec 7, 2000
Victoria home of football
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Well deserved.
One of the most influential & loyal men in Eagles history. Younger West Coast fans might not be familiar with the name, but those of us who were around in the 90s & 00s know just how important Rob was to the club. His playing career was a bit before my time, but its a bloody impressive read.

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Apr 22, 2011
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West Coast
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Liverpool FC
His playing days for Perth and Richmond were before my time but clearly remember his influence in the 1990’s under Malthouse.

Watching his highlights he looks exactly the type of player we need now. A goal kicking midfielder with genuine leg speed and an ability to kick on both feet!


The Passenger

Freak Power
Mar 25, 2003
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West Coast
Met him briefly when I was younger at a club function. Found it hard to square off the middle aged bloke in front of me had the footballing pedigree that he did. He also looked about 15 years older than he was which probably didn't help.

Just goes to show how easily teenagers forget that middle aged blokes were once young, fit and athletic 20-somethings that could take on the world.

His footballing CV is absolutely stunning.

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