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Oct 3, 2015
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I’m not technological enough to figure out linking and outlining (I should get tips from Thylacine), but The Australian is running a story about Sticks and Braddles being caught up in the financial collapse of the Waratah Printing Company (whatever that means).

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Oct 7, 2008
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Mar 26, 2008
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Bolton seemed to start well and he did a fantastic job in most areas but something went wrong towards the end. I just get the feeling he made mistakes a lot of coaches end up doing and coached the players to death, to the point where they weren't playing instinctive football and that undone a lot of our structure offensively. I think playing to develop over playing to win, while beneficial in a lot of ways was also his undoing. Probably not the right way about it, I think young players need to compete for their spot and they need to earn it, not be given it.

There were some really ugly ways we were setting up forward of the footy when Bolton was coach and playing young players in key positions before they were ready. It was just never going to work. He played a big and everlasting role with this team but something went wrong with his coaching.

I think Teague will be very different. I like the idea of not over coaching the players and just letting them play a bit and adjusting things slowly and accordingly. I think some coaches get ideas in their heads how things should be done, particularly if they have had previous success and been in it a long time and lose some ability to change their ideas and tend to coach teams/players to death.

You need a game plan and you need to have good structures but having the players figure that out and do it automatically will be great and if we focus more on skills and less on structures then great IMO.


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Jun 4, 2006
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bolts will have played as significant a role in our next premiership as anyone else at the club - including judd...........rare that someone comes through the place who doesn't improve it in some way - even if it is an opportunity for us to learn from a mistake (or forty billion, thanks mick)..............
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Nov 11, 2005
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From day one, i was one of Bolts's biggest supporters. I just reckon his blind ambition of player development being more important than getting the win was his undoing. Loyal supporters after enduring basically twenty years of hardship needed something positive. Not just green shoots.
Bolts just wasn't sure when to flick the switch from coaching for the future to coaching for the now. He probably could have saved his job if he had coached for the now from Round 1, but he continued to put the long term best interests of the club ahead of his own tenure. I will always view his time at our club as a positive, as frustrating as some of the losses were over the journey.

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