The what if thread

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Norm Smith Medallist
Mar 22, 2017
AFL Club
kid_a Kerr killed you guys against the dons earlier on in the year. Your whole team did blowing a 37 point lead. But Kerr was trying to Hit Lynch or Seaby { I think Lynch } on the chest in the dying stages when scores were tied. On the run, just needing a point, he f’ed it. You lost by a point.

You guys f’ed yourselves in the ass royally against Essendon in 2007. Both times.

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Mitchell Madness

Brownlow Medallist
Apr 17, 2006
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Miami Dolphins(NFL)
What of the media didn't lose thousands on Geelong in 2008? We probably get unbias coverage, and the game d9esnt get bastardised with continual rulechanges

Herne Hill Hammer

Premium Platinum
Jun 22, 2008
AFL Club
As a hawks fan I was stunned by those two moments. Was way to edgy to think it was going to open the door for us.

In retrospect it shows that the cats were rattled that day. Real momentum killing moments both of them.
Yep. 1992, Geelong leads WCE by 4 goals deep into time on in 2nd quarter, WCE kick 2 goals before half time. Geelong's momentum is dead.

2008, they kick those goals before half time and I reckon they're too far in front.

2009, what if St Kilda kicks goals? The game should have been out of Geelong's reach by half time. Thanks Ross Lyon for your shitful football.

2011, 1 more goal to Collingwood when they were about 4 goals up in the 2nd quarter and I think it was too far. iirc, Jolly hit the ball over the boundary line on the full, Bartel knew it was a free straight away, he takes the kick from the boundary and slots it. It's Geelong's day.


Club Legend
May 10, 2009
Carlton North
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St Kilda
What if the Swans kept hold of Carey and Longmire back in the day?
Carey and Longmire were a little too early for any possibility of that – they came after the Swans lost country zoning access to them, but before the AFL attempted to use NSW as a recruiting zone.

If they had gained access to Carey and Longmire, it would have been extremely valuable so long as the Swans could keep them and were not faced with losing them to poaching by rich clubs as happened to all their surviving stars from the Edelsten era except Mark Bayes. Given their scoring potential in 1988 and 1991 without a high-class key forward, the Swans might have rivalled Hawthorn as a scoring force on soft grounds (a feat in itself given the scoring power of those Hawk machines in wet weather); however, deficiencies in defence were sufficient that I have doubts the Swans would have done well enough even so to keep their high-class players.

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Premiership Player
May 21, 2015
AFL Club
What if Tony Lockett came to Richmond in 1995 and Richo didn't do his knee, Richmond premiers 95? granted I'm not sure if Richmond had enough strength in the midfield and back line but that forward line would have been very hard to stop


All Australian
Mar 31, 2018
AFL Club
West Coast
What if Ben Cousins stayed on the straight and narrow and didnt go off the rails?

Surely he would have become the greatest player of all time?
Dec 31, 2018
AFL Club
What if the inventors of Aussie Rules in 1859, Tom Wills and Co, hadn't included Rule 10 in the original laws of the game - "The ball while in play may under no circumstances be thrown".

How different would the game be with thrown passes rather than handball? Imagine specialist 'quarterback' passers pinpointing 50m balls. How much quicker would clearances be? And how much better would the 2016 Western Bulldogs, already great, have become? :wink:

Glad we've got handball - it's unique to our game and structures would be massively different without it - but still an interesting what if.

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