Autopsy vs Crows - Round 9 2020

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I'm here for the buffet
Apr 9, 2008
The Ponderosa
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North Melbourne
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Hammers & Steelers

Must be difficult for you to type with those pom poms in your hands.

If you're satisfied with beating up on 18th, while ignoring that our season was already over before the game started because our coaching isn't up to it with poor skills, game plan, selection, positional moves... then I'm not surprised. Widespread acceptance of such mediocrity only exacerbates the issue.

Wonder if you'll be as lippy on Wednesday night.
Give me a R
Give me an O
Give me a D

What does it spell? Clueless.


All Australian
Mar 9, 2005
On The Murray
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North Melbourne
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Enough with the autopsies on players/coaches etc....what about the boundary umpires, what a sh*t show, any chance they can throw the ball more than 10 metres back into play, not to mention in the last qtr when one of the w***ers, gathered the ball from over the fence, then walked 15 metres further toward the Geelong end than where it went out of bounds to throw it back in..:mad:....yes, yes, i became very bored with the game itself and made the maggots my main focus!!!

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