News Welcome to Hawthorn : Arryn Siposs

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Dotonbori loiterer
Mar 22, 2016
AFL Club
You think?
I should probably have written (ORANGE FONT) instead.

All jokes aside, it was a good listen. Well spoken, says the right things. Hoping he will be a good addition to the coaching team, it’s good to have a mix of older heads and younger.


Team Captain
Jul 27, 2021
AFL Club
Two clicks and you will find Siposs has spent the past 6 years studying teaching, whilst also playing AFL, college football and NFL.

2016 - 2020 Bachelor of Teaching and Exercise Science with ACU crossing over to a Bachelor of Education from Auburn University between 2018 - 2022 whilst punting at college and then professionally.

That level of tertiary education is a huge standout compared to most AFL coaches, many of whom never studied beyond finishing high school, and then transitioned to coaching purely on the basis of the football CV and doing the level 1 course (which can be done in a couple of days). As a bonus, it's in teaching.

How many other AFL coaches have 2 tertiary degrees in teaching / education? Answer: probably none, but maybe one or two at most

Not only has Arryn spent years in the US college / professional football system, he has contemporary qualifications in education, teaching and exercise science. This always requires practical experience as a classroom teacher in order to get the qualifications.

I think it's a very shrewd move and he will be able to assist our "non-teaching" coaches, which is basically everyone except Collins, in refining their method of delivery of message and educating what we all agree is a very young list in need of clear messaging and communication.
We actually have a decent teaching group in our coaches. David Hale is a teacher, Zane Littlejohn in a teacher, as is Rob McCartney. Plus the already mentioned Andy Collins.


Premiership Player
Apr 6, 2010
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Correct. Ratten spoke recently about his job being to help critique the coaches and to build their capacity.
Ratten as the coaches coach is actually a great role, essentially support and performance tied to just the coaching team, and he has had a ton of experience working with and around Clarko

The Chad and I

Club Legend
Nov 13, 2018
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Most discussion ever about Arryn Siposs. Or a first year assistant.
Two clicks and you will find ...

How many other AFL coaches have 2 tertiary degrees in teaching / education? Answer: probably none, but maybe one or two at most

Two clicks and you'll find Brendan Bolton is a teacher. As is Alastair Clarkson.
Was interviewed by Nine News for their Sunday night bulletin last night.
  • Contacted the club once he returned to Australia from the US after being cut by the Eagles.
  • Signed on as a development coach working with the forwards helping them with set shot kicking.
  • Going to draw on his experiences as a punter in the US, as well as his time as a forward with St Kilda, to help him.

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