Opinion Which players are you looking forward to watching play in 2020?

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Jun 12, 2010
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Manchester City FC
Rankine, unleash the freak.
Bailey Smith, gun.
Connor Rozee, special.
Max King, St Kilda need some hope.
Jade Gresham, predicting AA this year.

From Hawks;
Wingard & O'Meara to go to another level with Titch back.
Matt Walker, left field one when he gets his chance look out.
Jon Patton, guy is due for a change of luck, should work well with Lewis and free Gunston up.

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Premiership Player
Feb 5, 2018
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Chicago Blackhawks Melb Renegades
Looking forward to seeing how the Worpedo handles his third season with the return of Tom Mitchell and the expectation that he should continue to get even better.

Bont and Cripps will be my Brownlow fancies until both of them (hopefully) win it someday.

Keen to see what Josh Bruce adds to the Bulldogs.

Sam Docherty in a (hopefully) injury free season.

Cotchins Hair Piece

Bouffant Flat Top
Mar 6, 2019
AFL Club
Stef Martin
Dayne Zorko
Grant Birchall
Mitch Robinson
Daniel Rich
Allen Christensen
Jarry Lyons
Ryan Lester
Cam Ellis-Yolmen
Lachie Neale
Marcus Adams
Lincoln McCarthy
Charlie Cameron
Oscar McInerney
Daniel McStay
Archie Smith
Darcy Gardiner
Harris Anderews
Rhys Mathieson
Sam Skinner
Cedric Cox
Eric Hipwood
Callum Ah Chee
Jarrod Berry
Hugh McCluggage
Jacob Allison
Corey Lyons
Mitch Hinge
Alex Witherden
Tom Fullarton
Toby Wooller
Connor Ballenden
Brandon Starcevich
Noah Anwserth
Zac Bailey
Jack Payne
Cam Rayner
James Madden
Tom Joyce
Tom Berry
Eli Smith
Connor McFadyen
Brock Smith
Jaxon Prior
Devon Robertson
Keidean Coleman
Woa woa wowzer kooky

Captain chaos

Club Legend
Jul 13, 2016
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Sydne6 Stack did nothing in the 2nd half of the season, admittedly he was injured for most of that time.
Really? Nothing? Total bias as you want to pump up your own player.. stack is a star who excells in all aspects of the game.. walsh is a nice accumulating midfielder ( refer crouch brothers) who cant kick and every side has one.


Host - https://ayankonthefooty.podbean.com
Sep 18, 2019
Sandusky Ohio
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Other Teams
Cleveland Indians, Browns and Cavs
OK.....a rather obscure player, but the one that actually drove me to want to become a Cats fan. If you listened to the 1st episode of my podcast, you know that I am excited to see Nakia Cockatoo back out there tearing it up for the Cats.

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Hat wearer
Apr 25, 2012
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West Coast
Other Teams
stirling senators
The old time favourites Josh Kennedy and Naitanui.
As well as Rotham,Bailey Williams,Cameron making an impact.
Jettas kicking from half back is a highlight same with Hurn.McGovern and Oscar Allen and Liam Ryan because of his enthusiasm and work rate up forward.
Yeo,Shuey,Gaff and Kelly in the midfield.

,Dangerfield,Tom Michell,Gawn,Sydney Stack ,Kelly (gws) and Crozier just to name a few.
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BF Intern
Oct 28, 2003
AFL Club
St Kilda
Other Teams
Chelsea, Swindon Town
Aish, Hugh Greenwood, Aaron Hall, Zac Smith

Ablett, Naitanui, Anthony Miles, Swallow

40+ Saints players innit? :oops:
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Host - https://ayankonthefooty.podbean.com
Sep 18, 2019
Sandusky Ohio
AFL Club
Other Teams
Cleveland Indians, Browns and Cavs
The ones with sexy legs and tight buns.
As an American that has been trying to get my wife to watch some footy with me, I took this approach. I found a couple sites that had players working out, at the beach, etc. No good. She just isn't interested. Kind of sad, as she picked her favorite baseball player based upon how cute he was.

La Dispute

La Dispute
Jul 14, 2005
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Manchester City, Boston Bruins
Keen to see if DeGoey takes another step and becomes a top 10 league player.

Brad Hill to see if he can become the player St Kilda need him to be. Howard for similar reasons.

Luko, Rowell, Anderson, King and Rankine all playing in the one team. I’m certain they pull of a couple of Brisbane 2018-style end of season victories against high quality teams.

Harry McKay to take another step and kick 40-50 goals.

Blakey, Naughton, Hipwood.

Also interested to see the development in Port Adelaide’s young group - Rozee, Butters and Duursma. At least one of these guys will take a big leap and be in the AA squad early on. I’m backing Rozee.

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