NFL 2020 NFL - Week 1

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Sep 9, 2008
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I wouldn't worry about NFL ratings because a few hillbillies say they don't wanna watch, NBA is the real league with the ratings problems

Bengals a big chance you reckon?
I love the nba, basketball is a great sport but the league is in a real lull at the moment. There’s very little to cheer for. Lots of limited and overrated players. Lots of nothing teams. For those of us that grew up watching Jordan Hakeem Malone drexler Robinson kemp and so on it’s really boring time to watch. The retirement of a bunch of recent players haven’t really been replaced with genuine stars either. Sure there’s the Greek freak and luka but that’s pretty thin. Draft after draft is producing lonzo ball level role players.

I’m also not a fan of the 82 game season. Afl / nfl have it much better. Games actually count.

my interest level is so low I’m watching week 1 nfl games over nba playoff games.

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