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I'll try & delete it .... :rolleyes:
Don't, it's actually a valid query.

Liberty was rumoured to be looking to sell F1 at the start of last season. Now their share price is 40% down, and they have $4b in debt covering the event. They also own the Atlanta braves and Sirius radio, so not great business to own in the middle of a pandemic

Question is if racing doesn't resume in 2020, can they keep the debtholders happy


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At what cost to local control and long term development??? Its not just sporting assets, but wealthy individuals hedge funds, mutual funds, pension funds etc will be scouring the world to buy cheap undervalued assets that have been severely hit by Covid-19, so sports assets wont be immune from this type of buying cheap assets.

US buyers ready to pounce on Australian teams, says investment banker

The head of a major American investment bank has cashed-up clients ready to buy Australian franchises – and even entire sporting leagues – that may not otherwise survive the coronavirus shutdown.

Andrew Kline is the founder and managing director of Park Lane, a firm that specialises in helping high net-worth individuals become owners of sporting franchises. The former St Louis Rams NFL draftee has facilitated deals for his clients to buy and sell teams across all the major American sporting leagues, including the National Basketball Association, National Football League, Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League.

Kline has an intimate knowledge of the local sporting landscape, having previously lived in Australia. He also has another local link, as a close friend of Bradley Charles Stubbs, in an indication the "coach whisperer" is making an impression not only on the sporting world, but also the big end of town.

With several Australian teams and sporting codes teetering on the brink due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kline revealed he was lining up prospective owners ready to make a play for local licenses. "We have clients who are very interested in Australia; not just purchasing a team, but an entire league," Kline told the Sun-Herald. "It’s a great market that we believe in. We feel like there will be not just heavy Australian investment back in the country, but heavy American investment back in the country.

"As a firm, we’re very focused on picking different opportunities up. I can’t say too much, but we always keep a close eye on Australia. We were looking at Australian assets before COVID hit and we were interested. Now that there has been some steam taken out of the market, we are even more interested.

"While things are priced fairly well, we will take a closer look."
Due to confidentiality arrangements, Kline did not want to disclose the identity of his clients or the properties they are targeting. However, the Sun-Herald understands the four football codes – NRL, AFL, A-League and rugby union – are on the radar. While some clients are content to purchase a single team, others have the means and desire to buy out an entire sporting code.

"The answer is yes on both," Kline said. "I can’t be that defined, but there are opportunities with all of your different sporting teams and leagues."I guarantee there are teams that are run perfectly and there are teams that can be run much better. It’s not like America has all the answers, that’s not how it is. Every league and every industry, you have the people who know what they are doing and run a tight ship and you have people who don’t.

"That’s where you find the opportunity. I would say right now, prices could get pressed and it’s just a no-brainer to buy."The thing about sport is we have some clients who lose $10 million, $20 million, $30 million, $40 million, $50 million on owning a sports team. But what they get … in intangible stuff in being that owner is well worth it. "You can turn it into a real profit centre, too, for a long time.

2 weeks ago the government announced that the Foreign Investment Review Board will scrap the $$ threshold limit on purchase of Australian assets and will review every single investment by foreigners. Will purchase of sports assets be waved through?

All foreign investments in Australia, regardless of value, will now require approval in a Federal Government move designed to prevent international raids on struggling companies hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

All foreign investment in Australia will now require approval in a Federal Government move designed to prevent international raids on struggling companies hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

At the moment, foreign investors need to apply for approval before purchasing land or assets in Australia if the value is over a certain threshold. For private investors from free-trading agreement partner countries, that limit ranges from $50 million to $1.1 billion, for land and non-land proposals.

But from Sunday, the Foreign Investment Review Board will scrutinise every single purchase application, regardless of its value. The ABC understands members of the Government believe the changes will prevent China from taking advantage of Australia's weak financial position to snap-up strategically important assets.

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