Game Day 2021 AFL Draft

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Senior List
Sep 4, 2021
AFL Club
Appears we didn’t go with Anderson
Probably over for him when we got Sheldrick instead of Brown (if that was his name - the medium defender we were apparently keen on).
He'll have to go the VFL route and show something. Should have plenty of contacts as his family are from Melbourne before they moved up to the coast and his dad played from memory...

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Brownlow Medallist
Apr 26, 2016
AFL Club
Draft is an absolute mess of a system
I would agree if it weren't for the success stories at each level of the drafting process.

Without the pre-season supplementary period, we don't get a chance at Paddy McCartin as he would instead have to nominate for the rookie draft, and as we had the 14th or 15th pick, would likely have been swooped on.

Without the rookie draft, we don't get Tom Papley, because he'd be seen as too great a risk to use a national draft pick on as a mature-aged plumber.

Without the Cat B rookie system, which is in place to allow the Northern clubs to directly recruit local talent from their zones, it would be a lot harder to get a player such as Sam Wicks.

I understand there's a lot of stages to the draft and it's tedious and makes the ability to finalise the list seem like a lengthy process, but each stage has a potential knock-on effect for the stage after it. It's particularly crucial for Northern clubs as we need as many avenues as possible to recruit players to our list.

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hairy biker

Club Legend
Sep 24, 2014
AFL Club
this fella has been selected as cat b rookie to the dogs..
Cant find evidence of any others.. no idea what it all means??
Clubs are just announcing them piecemeal.
Carlton have announced one, St Kilda two, plus the guy you mentioned for the Dogs.

My understanding is clubs have to add Northern Academy/NGA players today, but they can do it in their own sweet time. :rolleyes:


That guy
Jun 22, 2012
Zombie apocalypse
AFL Club
Draft is an absolute mess of a system
Especially when you can now, apparently, say out loud I am going home in 2 years.

That is draft tampering straight up and should be met with a 2 year ban from AFL footy. Play at home then in the BGrade comp.

Also any "SA" or "WA" of "NSW" or "QLD" kid saying I want to go home, and let's toss Vic in there as well, and then after pretending to be interested in any Club doesn't get to choose a club. Screw that sh*t.

Right what's this Kayo app thingo now I have that off my chest.


Norm Smith Medallist
Feb 2, 2016
AFL Club
Other Teams
Melbourne Renegades
My Sony has the Kayo app, but I am very interested in this LG news as will be in the market for another TV soon so that I can watch Kayo while the boss watches Survivor and The Voice.
You will still have to pay for it. I have an LG smart tv and there are numerous apps on it that I can't access because I haven't paid for the subscription.


All Australian
Apr 14, 2017
AFL Club
Other Teams
Also, 2 years for all draftees is stupid, as has previously been mentioned.

NFL it's 4 years, with teams given a 5th year option for first rounders that they can choose to pick up or not. 5th year option comes with a decent pay bumo as well.

3 years with 4th yr option would be good.


Premiership Player
Jun 9, 2014
AFL Club

For those still feeling a little wobbly about our top two picks.

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