MVP 2022 Doig Medal Count - Sat 01/10 @ 1830 AWST

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I just rewatched his speech. He thanked her for her sacrifices during COVID when she couldn't return to see her family. Yeah he's definitely out the door.

Completely different to the Cerra situation. Claudia never moved to Perth. She just stayed here during the covid times.

Caleb and his partner have bought a house and moved here fully.

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Doig night of nights


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The biggest theme spoken by the club last night from players to coaches to the executives was they weren't satisfied with finals. They want a flag. Badly. They're not afraid to publicly state it either. The club wants a premiership as much (if not more) then us fans do.
And I *in love that!
Because girls/women cling onto you as they know you are going to be successful.

Mundy after feeling homesick met a West Australian girl and he eventually stayed.
She will know that it's in her best interest to stay put for another 5 years 🙂

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