Best midfield ever?

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Hahaha you overlooked that before insulting me didn’t you lol

Yes MVP are an award so of course they matter, I’ve been saying that the whole time . F me Jock McHale could not coach somebody to be this stupid. 🤣

No I didn’t overlook anything. I just responded to the idea that the Brownlow medal somehow a) does all the kicking and b) needs to be won during the relevant period. You’re tying yourself in more knots than a bondage mistress’ favourite rope trying to prove that awards somehow make a player better than their actual quality.
How tf do you think AFL awards are won buddy, by playing chess? 🤣

We are talking about a teams midfield here. So there obviously has to be a relevant time. You must be from the Twilight Zone or something man.

And actually when I think about it Geelong 11 can’t be included either because Ablett wasn’t in it. Unless you think the Geelong midfield was better when he wasn’t there.

Anyways I’m leaving it. You’ve lost the plot, making imaginary midfields and Shakespeare references. Weird unit.

Like I said, they’re pretty much all won by being at the very least a GOOD player, but they don’t inherently make you a BETTER player than someone that hasn’t won the equivalent award.

That you don’t understand this is no one else’s issue.

Sorry you can’t work that out, and I’m sorry you still see this as such a big red rag to a bull rather than actually realising I’ve said half a dozen times that I rate the lions midfield at the top.

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