Preview Changes and prematch discussion vs West Coast

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Apr 5, 2015
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North Melbourne
Feel like this could be 'make or break' for players that haven't shown enough this season.

I am just really concerned about how many we get rid of, and whether those that we do get rid of, were the right choices.

In a season such as next year, some of those players could potentially get back to their best.

Anyhow, expecting a fully-committed North this week. No buts.

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L'enfant terrible
Apr 24, 2013
inside your head
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North Melbourne
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The Unicornia Reactants
Lol what? Why? Love Jacobs but come on...
Declared he wanted to play for North and walked in to the draft to do so.

Rose to become an excellent player who should have over 120 games for North under his belt and still another 5 years of football if not for succumbing to a terrible debilitating life altering injury.

I get where you're coming from mate, but I reckon special consideration should be afforded in this instance.

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