Preview Changes/Preview – Round 13 vs. Collingwood

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So tomorrow we won't see: Tomlinson, McAdam, Woewodin

Which means we will see 3 of: JVR, Billings, Howes, Laurie

And at least 2 of Hunter, Petty, Turner will be playing
So Goody goes back to three talls at either end with Gawn in the side.

Jesus Christ he is cooked.
Agree on the cooked point, however by my count it's Petty, Turner, JVR, McDonald and May, so one end will only have two.
These guys really earned their place last week

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Something something i heard in the preseason game "we're not going to throw the baby out with the bathwater with our forward line" Maybe it's time to throw the baby out ngl
Selection integrity does not exist when Petty continues to get a game though. I don't care which end they put him, his form (worst player in the AFL this season) doesn't warrant this bizarre selection immunity.

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With Tomlinson out surely Petty goes back though right?
Probably, but in what world is he more deserving of a game than Tomlinson though?

Sure, his best as a KPD is better, but it's been a long time since we've seen that now. Should be made to actually earn a game.
Oh I forgot Lever is hurt.

You win this round Goodwin
He's still playing Petty after the guy has totalled 10 possessions over his past three games, he automatically loses.
He only gets a game coz Goody feels guilty about stubbornly digging in and playing him as a full time forward. Goody thinking: "Dropping him for terrible form would be unfair coz hes playing where I want him to instead of his natural position" ....or some shit like that
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