Prediction Changes v Carlton Round 8

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doggies ftw

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Sep 22, 2008
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The second vs the Suns. Cordy played one of his two games against the Premiers.
Kinda irrelevant, I’m basing my opinion on the skill set each could bring to our backline unit. Cordy brings pretty much nothing, Young may or may not bring something but one of his two games was the best any of Young, Gards or Cordy has ever brought by a mile. I’d like to give him a few weeks to settle and find out, as we gave Gards and look how much he improved. Young has a much much higher upside and may just improve at the same rate, or more. Who knows.

anyway if I had my way this week I’d be going with a small mobile unit in Keath, Wood, Buku & Croz with Naughty or preferably English spending a fair bit of time sitting in the hole (not with a direct match up on a KPF. Buku, JUH & English in for Cordy, Schache and probably Scott. Don’t really care what other changes we make.

Keath, Wood & Buku sitting on the 3 most dangerous, English spending his time in one of 3 places. If we’re getting beaten a bit down back and Carltons winning their fair share of ball then sit him in the hole in defence rotating through the ruck with Martin. If we’re getting way on top let him run down the other end and stretch the oppo.

Bruce & JUH deep with Naughty playing mostly between the arch’s.

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Mar 10, 2008
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Western Bulldogs
Reading between the lines of the medical report, I don't think we'll rush English or VDM back.

I think Weightman's good game in the reserves is bad luck for West.

Wallis comes in as the Dunkley replacement in the midfield and adds more value than Hannan.

Schache goes out and Sweet comes itn for another crack.

JJ failed big time against top opposition. Don't want him racking up 20 against Carltank and getting back into Cruse mode. Butler or Hayes to come in.

Scott: inj/rest

Out: Johannisen, Schache, West, Hannan, Scott

In: Sweet, Wallis, Weightman, Hayes, Butler

B: Wood Keath Daniel
HB: Crozier Cordy Dale
C: Hunter Liberatore Smith
HF: Treloar Naughton Bontempelli
FF: McNeill Bruce Weightman
FOL: Martin Macrae Wallis

Int: Sweet Lipinski Butler Dureya

Optimistic Dog

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Oct 11, 2014
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It is a bit a furphy that the blues are our bogie side. I have gone back to when Bevo started coaching:

2015 Win
2016 Win
2017 Win
2018 2 wins
2019 1 win each
2020 Loss

That is 6 wins out of out 8 games or 75% success rate. Hardly fearful statistics.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 17, 2014
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Western Bulldogs
We should really give them a touch up at Marvel. Other than Mckay they dont have much up forward and they have been leaking goals left right and centre. If we are a premiership contender we should dispatch them by 6-10 goals
Key word: IF


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Feb 11, 2008
West Footscray
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I see no reason why we aren't given our form this year. We played our worst half I'd the year and Richmond probably there best and with 6 mins to go we still could have won the game. If we had timmy down the line to halve those contest in the third it's a different ball game
And if they had Martin we would have probably been blown out by 40+.
Good teams adapt.

True Dog

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Sep 27, 2011
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Hearing English will miss this week as well, still has headaches. Sweet a must this week, really think not playing him last week hurt us…Wallis must come in as well IMO.

Charlie Bucket

Premiership Player
Nov 16, 2015
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Western Bulldogs
We should really give them a touch up at Marvel. Other than Mckay they dont have much up forward and they have been leaking goals left right and centre. If we are a premiership contender we should dispatch them by 6-10 goals
No teams beaten Carlton by more than 4 goals this season. Including Tigers and Port.
We don’t need to beet them by 6-10 goals to be fair dinkum.

They’re a bogey team and we’re coming off a poor showing the week prior. A win, playing a better brand than last week is a good result.


King of September
Mar 15, 2001
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Take his phone off him for a week so he can concentrate on what he's getting paid to do
I don't think Marra has his priorities right. He seems to value his personal life more than his professional life.

One thing that may fast track his transition to a true professional footballer is having a personal sponsor. Has anyone here got any connection with Harvey Norman? Perfect sponsor for Marra IMO cause they have 0% interest.


Senior List
May 10, 2006
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Western Bulldogs
Apparently English isn't a certainty for Carlton
In a way, I hope he's not. Well, for a couple of reasons:

1. His long-term health would likely benefit from an extra week off

2. It may give the MC a chance to play around with team structure a bit more (successfully?) in the event we are without Timmy at some point in the future.

Only Norf would I consider a walk-up start victory, and Carlton are no easy-beats, but there's just a little bit less pressure than, say, last week.
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