Preview Marsh game 2 vs Cola swans Monday March 9 1:40pm Kingston Twins Oval

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Apr 7, 2019
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Not sure which way they’ll go but after today I’d go the below. Macmillan lucky Marley is suspended.

AFL Rd 1

B: Daw, J Walker#, Pittard
HB: Bonar, Tarrant, Atley
C: Hall, Cunnington, Polec
R: Goldstein, Higgins, Simpkin
HF: Zurhaar, Larkey, Taylor
F: Thomas, Brown, Ziebell
I: Dumont, Anderson, Macmillan, Ahern


B: Murphy#, McKay, ...
HB: McGuinness, Durdin, Crocker
C: W Walker, Tyson, Scott
R: Campbell#, McDonald, ...
HF: Garner, Comben, Hosie#
F: Wood, Xerri, Mahony
I: ..., ..., ..., ..., ...

Inj/Susp: Jacobs 12, Haydon# 8, Perez 8, Williams 2, LDU 8, Turner 12, EVW 8


Premium Platinum
Jul 24, 2015
AFL Club
North Melbourne
As always I respect your views and you know ya stuff. I just think and while he may well best 22 material guys like Kane aren't going to take us to the sporting pinnacle.

I hope Mahony shows today what a smart small fwd with clean skills can offer. For us to improve we need to change some of regular starters. Kane isn't the only guy I'd put out to pasture, I'd be quite brutal at seasons end.

Really put a rocket up those that survive the cut
He's made for finals.

But Taylor was a revelation hey.

There were times today I thought the opposition got out of our 50 a little too easily. But with someone like Taylor in there ... I can see him and turner complementing each other nicely.

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