Review Pheww...Freo just sneak home against the Swans.

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Sep 22, 2011
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That first half. Horrid from both teams. No coach wanted to take the game on and break it open. So glad Freo started to run harder, lead and get it going in the third.
I much rather us to take risks, use quicker possessions and look for the short passes. That’s all. We stuff up playing that way, daring and risk. Fine. But the first half of purely just kicking it down the line over and over. No, heck no.
That gameplan allows Hill and Langdon to do nothing. No speed on the outside and just over relying on our talls to clunk marks. Sandi and Darcy, IMO, are two of the worse marks for their size. Either because they’re exhausted or get held I don’t know. But never play that way in the first half, particularly the first quarter. Sometimes, only if Tabs is there.

After that, Freo took the game on, turned up the intensity slightly and got on top. That is what the fans want. See Essendon vs Adelaide second half last night? They did just that, burst through defence play fast and get it to the faster players. Not great tonight but it’s something that third quarter


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Feb 11, 2019
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Logue's efforts in the goalsquare in the last minute were what won us the match
I think it was the third quarter when Logue made an amazing defensive effort to bludgeon the ball from the bakline to the wing and laid about three solid tackles in a row. Gives us a glimpse of what this guy can become, considering he has played less than 20 games in total.

With Joel Hamling, Alex Pearce, Griffin Logue and Luke Ryan we will have a very solid backline structure, where guys like Nathan Wilson and Jason Carter can become damaging line breakers knowing the others have their backs.

If only we had the same to look forward to in the forward line - I guess a lot will hinge on how Hogan comes through this foot injury.


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Jul 16, 2009
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Yeah, Logue and Brayshaw were relentless.

Skills were shocking.
Can we please do some handball drills with big dogs loose on the park that love footballs. Clean hands.

I thought we had their measure but our turning it over into fifty meant their player on Sandi could always run and be a switch target. Always.

But it was good for us to bring the long ball to ground.


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Nov 6, 2017
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Scrappy affair ,not the prettiest game but a win is a win , That effort mentioned earlier by Logue was outstanding he was outnumbered as well which made it more outstanding.


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Apr 27, 2014
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Great effort, terrible execution. Good ol Ross-ball.

Thrilling last 5 minutes, especially at the ground. Showed great heart to grind it out and loved seeing the efforts of Lobb, Brayshaw and Logue. Brayshaw is just going to will himself into being an AFL star. Was a bit doubtful on the acquisitions of Conca and Lobb but they've both had really good years.

Geez it was painful watching though. Felt like you were watching two bottom 4 teams at their lowest. Our skills are diabolical. Sydney's were (somewhat) better but their F50 entries are even worse than ours. If you look at the year as a whole Ross has done enough for another year but I can't say I'm at all confident in our current team making finals next year. 30,000 people at the ground know we need to improve our skills, surely our coaching team can recognize it's an issue and actually work on fixing it.

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Aug 19, 2009
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Meh. Should have lost. Done well to hold on late. Terrible game. Skills still putrid. Decision making still piss poor. Tackling is disgraceful.

Deliberate against Hughes still baffles me.


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Feb 15, 2019
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All Hughes had to do was pick the ball up and be tackled over the line or just fumble. Instead he tapped it straight out.


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Jun 21, 2013
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Meh. Should have lost. Done well to hold on late. Terrible game. Skills still putrid. Decision making still piss poor. Tackling is disgraceful.

Deliberate against Hughes still baffles me.
Deliberate out of bounds baffles me. It just seems they pay it when they feel like it.

Holding the ball is similar to me. You see some blatant holding the balls missed every game and then you see blokes pinged with god knows what prior opportunity.

The umpiring is a disgrace. I understand umpiring less and less every year tbh when each year I’ve been watching the game for longer so in theory I should be understanding it slightly more. I’m watching less and less games of AFL each year because of it. Probably haven’t watched a non-Freo game in a month tbh.

The AFL needs to make rules easier to understand for everyone, then abolish the Rules Committee and leave the game alone for 5-10 years.


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Aug 20, 2014
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- Lobb, darcy and Sandi worked out great in the end though Darcy is pretty much a spud.
- didnt think conor stood up and claimed his spot as out third mid, Brayshaw certainly put together a bloody game today.
- luke and hamling were elite.
- hughes and mccarthy need serious ultimatums handed to them.
- cox and tabs are basically english as a second language, two of the least inspiring least thoughtful people I have ever heard speak publicly even for footy players they are stupid sounding.
- Wilson is a shell at the moment though did work into the game.
- can one of these turds putting contracts on hold actually look inboard to a target in the middle or hit a target at all. fu** you ed Langdon and Brad hill sign a ******* contract and lead this team you couple no tackle pricks.
- mundy always plays better without fyfe.
- conca played a very decent game.
- so many of our team cant kick it's actually comical.
- bewley is sort of garbage but hes worth a few more tries.
- switta isn't really doing much. It's so insane we f’ed off guys like deboer and replaced them with sort of worse versions of them.
Ross is cooked as a coach, it's so obvious this team is playing like the end of Connolly and Harvey times. Theres just not much going on.


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Jul 6, 2011
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On one hand it’s good we banked the 4 points, but on the other it kind of glosses over the serious issues at hand regarding the coaches, sports science and some pathetic performances from a few.

ED Langdon has zero defensive side to his game and has one of the worst kicks in the team. Would be stoked if we cash in while his currency is up and about.

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