Review Positives and Negatives vs Collingwood

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Jun 5, 2004
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West Coast
That is one way of looking at it, but I'd rather have the wake up call next week against Melbourne than give a leg-up to another top two contender.
Would be more ideal, but sometimes you need it this way. Lose to Melbourne and it may be looked at as an aberration at an unfamiliar ground against an opponent who we took too lightly.

I think this kind of game is better. Put the ball back in our court to ask us if we're good enough. Gives us more ammo to either respond or not be in it.

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Jun 3, 2011
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West Coast
+Jetta, Cameron, Sheppard
+I don't mind close losses, much better than a lot of our others

-Very disappointing to lose the middle when they still have Adams to come back in.
-Cripps injury
-Poor final quarter as the home team, looked impotent.
-Ladder implications


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Sep 28, 2005
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Nobody can see the trees for the forest here

The season isn’t done, the results aren’t locked and we fight again next week.

Richmond and Pies are as good a chance to drop a game that aren’t expected to drop at anytime - has no one watched footy this season?!

Yeah it sucks we lost a opportunity to build a gap in the top 2

But the lads aren’t done with yet, not by any stretch!

On JK - I think he is on the decline for sure. However he still demands a top defender, which allows OAllen to grow. Think long term people, Jesus.

The forest. The trees.

Get a bloody grip.


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Nov 27, 2014
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Kinda surreal seeing so many shruig this result off. Dont think we can finish 2nd now, unless we can beat Richmond and win the games we should.
From what I’ve seen this season, anything can happen, so a one point loss to a fellow top 4 contender is far from season over.. Collingwood, Brisbane and Geelong aren’t going to win all their remaining games for the year and I’d expect at least 2 of them to have a loss similar to ours tonight that will hopefully balance it out. Regardless, you’d think we’d be likely to get the G if we don’t get a home qualifying final so it’s not exactly all bad.

Dark Sharks

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Feb 21, 2011
Maynard was blocked
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West Coast
Kennedy doesn't need to "hang the boots up"

But I'm in the camp which has been wanting Kennedy to go out all year for Brander, not just at the end of one of his bad games.

He was "supposed" to be getting phased out in 2019.. you know, start introducing his heir apparent into the side so we're not in for a shock when he calls it quits..

Instead he's playing the worst football of his career by far, can't even half a contest sometimes, signed a contract extension and Brander still sits in the WAFL.

If Kennedy isn't fit DO NOT PLAY HIM.

If Kennedy is sore DO NOT PLAY HIM

If Kennedy is getting over the flu DO NOT PLAY HIM.

We can't carry him in the form has in. Give a him a rest and bring in the first round pick we drafted for this exact reason.

Worst player on the ground by a long stretch, and it's happened a few times this year. Brander supporting Darling tonight could've been the difference.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 22, 2012
Trapped in a glass box of emotion
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West Coast
We ran out of legs it was obvious

We lost cripps and ryan got a huge corkie 1st quarter .

2 of our best runners that support our midfield. Ryan didnt get up the ground much after half time .

Rioli isnt match fit , natanui on 50% game time , wet derby and 6 day turn around .

Well done to the pies this is the kind of game that sets up their season .

Move on to next week


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Aug 15, 2009
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Negative 4th qtr.

No excuses we didn't travel, should have been able to run this out.

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Yep, couldn't go with them in the last Q. Unusual for us - as others have said I think 2 wet slogs took its toll. Injuries are creeping in too - Duggan and Cripps now. The latter a very vital cog. 1 lousy point - can't grumble too much, I guess. I hope the Petch has a good game on Sunday.
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kranky al

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Jun 30, 2009
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east perth
No positives.
Cameron kicking four again.
Kennedy was a non event;
Cripps getting injured - more important than we realise;
Oscar Allen nearly marks it all the time but usually doesn't
So no positives and you have put cameron kicking 4 above the negatives.

So you are reasonably neutral about that?

kranky al

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Jun 30, 2009
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east perth
I am melting so hard and I can't remember the last time I melted this bad after a game. Not even Melbourne round 22 last year could cause a melt like this. I honestly reckon that Brisbane game in 2010 when we were doomed the spoon is the last time I've melted so bad, and I was 15 back then.

The positives are extremely hard to remember at the moment. I'll say Cameron with his four goals and pressure that Petrucelle could only dream of. Sheppard was good. Masten and Redden had good first halves before ruining everything. Darling started well. Rioli started well.

Everything else is a big negative. Cripps' injury just another thing to add to this. Can't wait to have the MC bring Petrol in so he can have 9 disposals 0.1 and one flashy highlight. I also can't wait to s**t the bed in Alice Springs because weird out of the way football grounds is our kryptonite.
Least it wont be -40 ° and 50 kt winds - ill take there over the arctic wastelands

Brer Bear

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May 13, 2016
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West Coast
We lost one game against a team we’ve played five times in a year. 4-1.

We lost our second game from the last 10. 8-2.

Percentage off second with Melbourne, North and Carlton coming up. Fold the club.
Yeah not overly concerned. Decent chance we get 2nd back in the next 2 or 3 weeks. Collingwood are a bloody good team though people actually had them missing the top 4. This was always going to happen them bouncing back

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