Toast Round 2 = Collingwood 135-64 Port Adelaide

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Huge game Darcy Cameron

16 contested possessions
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Goal of the year nomination for Nick S
Johnny Ffkkng Noble just sensational and still giving agro with 30 seconds to go
Cameron/cox a seriously dangerous combination,. Cameron mark of the day on the final siren
Daicos brothers just freaks.
DeGoey Sidebottom Pendlebury leading from the front
Mcstay showed why we recruited him
Another cameo from McInnes
Frampton a good debut
Collingwood v Port Adelaide The G 1.45pm Saturday 25 March 2023

Called it.

First time since Malthouse a Collingwood Coach has met my expectation and blown my expectations out of the water.

Bravo Mr McRae. Thank god we hired you

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